Blood Raider Covenant

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The Blood Raiders Covenant Logo

The Blood Raider Covenant is one of the major NPC pirate organizations of New Eden. They are the primary NPC pirate ("rat") enemy encountered in the Amarr Empire, Khanid Kingdom, and Ammatar Mandate.


The Blood Raider Covenant began as part of the Sani Sabik, an ancient Amarrian religious cult. Over time their practices grew more fanatical: they began draining victims of their blood to use in rituals. The Blood Raiders believe that the blood of a cloned body is purer than other bodies; as a result, they began seeking out and attacking unaware pod pilots.

The Blood Raiders hold the Amarr Empire and its faith in contempt. They often carry out attacks on Amarr crewed vessels and Amarrian colonies.

The Blood Raiders are considered extremely dangerous, deviant criminals and terrorists. Their CEO, Omir Sarikusa, heads the Amarr Empire’s most wanted list as well as DED’s most wanted list.

Blood Raiders in PvE

Blood Raider rats are found in the western Amarr Empire, as well as the Khanid Kingdom's regions, particularly those regions near the nullsec region of Delve. In these areas, Blood Raider ships can be encountered in asteroid belts and Blood Raider exploration sites (combat and analyzer signatures, plus anomalies) spawn. Blood Raiders are also encountered in certain missions.

Blood Raider rats deal EM and thermal damage in approximately equal amounts. They are weakest against EM damage, with thermal being the second best damage to use.

The EWAR of choice for Blood Raiders is energy neutralization. If your ship is dependent on capacitor this can be devastating so it is best to fit with this in mind if you are going to encounter them.

Faction Ships