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Medical boosters, often simply called boosters, are performance-enhancing drugs in EVE. When consumed, the user gets a temporary boost to a specific combat related attribute or skill training attribute. The more powerful combat-related boosters have a chance of having negative side effects which may impact a user's ability to fight. The weaker boosters, called Synths, have no chance of side effects, but have dramatically reduced effects.

Combat-related boosters are manufactured from gasses which are harvested from anomalies in known space. Mytoserocin gasses are used to make Synth boosters and are found in high and low security space, and cytoserocin gasses, found in low and null security space, are used to create the more powerful Standard, Improved, and Strong boosters.

A separate group of skill training boosters called "cerebral accelerators" are obtained through in-game events, and generally have an expiration date after which they will not function.

Using boosters

To use a booster, right click on it and select "Consume". This can be done in space or at a station. Boosters cannot be used remotely: for use in a station, they must be in one of your ships or hangars, while in space they must be in your cargo hold.

Each booster type has a different "slot" that it uses, viewable in the character sheet. Pilots cannot use another booster if it occupies the same slot as a currently active booster. These slots are distinct from those used for neural implants. Booster slots represent your character's capacity to absorb particular types of drug, rather than the spaces in your character's brain represented by implant slots.

It is not possible to override an booster once it has been consumed by taking another booster for the same slot, except by jumping out of the clone and back into it. Pilots must wait out the drug for its duration. Combat boosters last 30 minutes, increased by 20% (6 minutes) for each level of Icon skillbook2.png Biology the user has trained.

Each type of booster has four potential side effects associated with it. When the booster is used, each of these effects has a separate chance of occurring. A pilot might have no penalties for using a booster, or could experience all four at once. The chance of getting a side effect is 20% for Standard, 30% for Improved, and 40% for Strong. The penalties are -20% for Standard, -25% for Improved, and -30% for Strong. This means that for example Standard booster at 0 level Neurotoxin Recovery has 59,04% chance of at least single side effect occurring, which is in stark contrast to 20% that is claimed by in-game tooltip. With Neurotoxin Recovery 5, Standard booster has ~47,79% chance of at least single side effect occurring.

Both the chance of getting a side effect and the potency of any received effect can be reduced by skills and implants.


  • Biology (1x): 20% bonus per skill level to attribute booster duration
  • Neurotoxin Control (2x): 5% reduction per skill level to booster side effects potency
  • Neurotoxin Recovery (5x): 5% reduction per skill level to the chance of having a negative side effect


The Eifyr and Co. 'Alchemist' line of neural implants can enhance the duration of boosters, or reduce the probability or potency of side effects. See implants for more information.

Combat boosters

There are 8 different abilities that combat boosters can affect, divided into four different grades. These all have base duration of 30 minutes.

Booster name Attribute Slot Bonuses by grade Potential side effects Gas prefix
Synth Standard Improved Strong
Icon blue pill.png
Blue Pill
Icon shield glow.pngShield boosting 1 +6% +20% +25% +30% Capacitor capacity Missile explosion velocity Shield capacity Turret optimal range Amber
Icon exile.png
Icon armor repairer i.pngArmor repair 1 +6% +20% +25% +30% Armor hitpoints Capacitor capacity Missile explosion radius Turret tracking Celadon
Icon mindflood.png
Icon capacitor capacity.pngCapacitor capacity 1 +6% +10% +15% +20% Armor repair amount Missile explosion radius Shield boosting amount Turret optimal range Malachite
Icon x-instinct.png
Icon ship sig.pngSignature radius 1 -4.5% -7.5% -11.25% -15% Armor hitpoints Missile velocity Shield capacity Turret falloff Vermillion
Icon drop.png
Icon tracking.pngTracking speed 2 +6% +25% +31.25% +37.5% Armor repair amount Shield capacity Turret falloff Velocity Viridian
Icon frentix.png
Icon target range.pngOptimal range 2 +6% +10% +15% +20% Armor hitpoints Shield boosting amount Turret tracking Velocity Lime
Icon soothsayer.png
Sooth Sayer
Icon falloff mod.pngFalloff range 2 +6% +10% +15% +20% Armor repair amount Shield capacity Turret optimal range Velocity Azure
Icon crash.png
Icon damage exp.pngMissile explosion radius 3 -6% -20% -25% -30% Armor hitpoints Missile velocity Shield boosting amount Velocity Golden

Other boosters

There are other combat boosters which are not manufactured by players, and which do not have side effects.

Agency boosters are rewarded by various events related to The Agency. Dose II versions can also be bought from DED LP store. These have base duration of 30 minutes.

Booster name Attribute Slot Bonuses by grade
Dose I Dose II Dose III Dose IV
Icon boosterAgencyTank.png
Agency 'Hardshell'
Icon shield glow.pngShield boosting
Icon armor repairer i.pngArmor repair
11 +3% +5% +7% +9%
Icon boosterAgencySpeed.png
Agency 'Overclocker'
Icon velocity.pngVelocity bonus
Icon boosterAgencyDamage.png
Agency 'Pyrolancea'
Icon gunnery turret.pngTurret Damage
Icon torpedoes.pngMissile Damage

Halcyon Boosters are obtained via the Evergreen Daily Login Rewards and have a base duration of 2 hours.

Booster name Attribute Slot Bonuses by grade
Dose I Dose II Dose III Dose IV Dose V
Halcyon R-1.png
Halcyon R
Icon shield glow.png Shield Booster
Icon armor repairer i.png Armor Repair
Icon velocity.png Velocity
Icon turret volley.png Rate of Fire
Icon powergrid.png Capacitor Recharge
Icon ship sig.png Signature Radius
5 +1% +2% +3% +4% +5%
Icon velocity.png Drone Velocity
Icon tracking.png Drone Tracking
Icon target range.png Ore + Ice Harvester Range
Icon sensor resolution.png Scan Resolution
Icon core scanner probe.png Scan Probe Deviation
Icon core scanner probe.png Scan Probe Speed
+2% +4% +6% +8% +10%
Halcyon G-1.png
Halcyon G
Icon shield.png Shield HP
Icon armor.png Armor HP
Icon hull.png Structure HP
Icon inertia.png Ship Agility
Icon tracking.png Turret Tracking
Icon velocity.png Missile Explosion Velocity
Icon powergrid.png Capacitor Recharge
Icon gunnery turret.png Drone Damage
Icon warp time.png Ore + Ice Harvester Cycle Time
5 +1% +2% +3% +4% +5%
Icon target range.png Targeting Range
Icon sensor resolution.png Sensor Strength
Icon core scanner probe.png Scan Probe Strength
+2% +4% +6% +8% +10%
Halcyon B-1.png
Halcyon B
Icon resist em.pngIcon resist therm.pngIcon resist kin.pngIcon resist exp.pngShield Resistances
Icon warp speed.png Warp Speed + Acceleration
Icon target range.pngIcon falloff mod.png Turret Optimal + Falloff
Icon burst.png Missile Flight Time
Icon capacitor capacity.png Capacitor Capacity
Icon hull.pngIcon armor.pngIcon shield.png Drone HP
Icon warp time.png Ore + Ice Harvester Cycle Time
5 +1% +2% +3% +4% +5%
Icon sensor resolution.png Scan Resolution
Icon sensor resolution.png Sensor Strength
+2% +4% +6% +8% +10%
Icon data analyzer i.pngData Analyzer Coherence +4 +8 +12 +16 +20
Halcyon Y-1.png
Halcyon Y
Icon resist em.pngIcon resist therm.pngIcon resist kin.pngIcon resist exp.pngArmor Resist
Icon inertia.png Ship Agility
Icon gunnery turret.png Turret Damage
Icon torpedoes.png Missile Damage
Icon capacitor capacity.png Capacitor Capacity
5 +1% +2% +3% +4% +5%
Icon target range.pngIcon falloff mod.png Drone Optimal + Falloff
Icon target range.png Ore + Ice Harvester Range
Icon target range.png Targeting Range
Vamp.pngCap Warfare Resist
+2% +4% +6% +8% +10%
Icon drones.png Drone Control Range (km)
Icon relic analyzer.pngRelic Analyzer Coherence
+4 +8 +12 +16 +20

Antipharmakon can be received from running Drifter hives in Drifter wormholes. These have base duration of 30 minutes.

Booster name Slot Bonus
Icon antipharmakon aeolis.png
Antipharmakon Aeolis
1 Icon capacitor capacity.png+8% Capacitor
Icon antipharmakon kosybo.png
Antipharmakon Kosybo
1 Icon armor repairer i.png+8% Armor Repair
Icon antipharmakon thureo.png
Antipharmakon Thureo
1 Icon shield glow.png+8% Shield Boost
Icon antipharmakon lokira.png
Antipharmakon Iokira
2 Icon tracking.png+8% Tracking Speed
Icon antipharmakon toxot.png
Antipharmakon Toxot
3 Icon burst.png+8% Flight Time

Quafe zero is often available as a event gift or event reward. Quafe zero has base duration of one hour.

Booster name Slot Bonus
Icon quafe zero.png
Quafe Zero
1 Icon velocity.png+5% Velocity
Icon sensor resolution.png+5% Scan Resolution
Icon quafe zero greenapple.png
Quafe Zero Green Apple
Icon inertia.png-5% Inertia Modifier
Icon powergrid.png-5% Cap Recharge Time Reduction

Nugoehuvi synth blue pill booster is one of the possible rewards from Caldari epic arc. They have a base duration of 33 minutes.

Booster name Slot Bonus
Icon blue pill.png
Nugoehuvi Synth Blue Pill Booster
1 Icon shield glow.png5% Shield boosting

Strong Veilguard Booster increases stabilized cloak duration. Booster BPC can be bought in Sisters of EVE loyalty point store.

Booster name Slot Bonus
Icon exile.png
Strong Veilguard Booster
14 200% stabilized cloak duration


Industry map of drugs. Manufacturing of improved and strong drugs requires multiple multiple raw gas sources.

Boosters are manufactured from mytoserocin and cytoserocin gas harvested from clouds in cosmic signatures found in known space. These signatures only spawn in specific regions of New Eden. These gasses are distinct from the fullerine gasses found in wormholes, which are used to create Tech III ships and subsystems.

Processing gas

Gas must be processed into pure booster material before the final product is created. This is done using reactors at a refinery structure.

Pure boosters use Simple Reactions at a Standup Biochemical Reactor I. These structures can only be installed at a refinery in .4 or lower security space. Besides the gas, the reactions also require an additional unit, which varies based on the grade of the booster. Synth reactions need Garbage, Standard reactions require Water, Improved reactions require either Spirits or Oxygen, depending on the exact product, and Strong reactions require Hydrochloric Acid.

Booster creation

Boosters themselves are created as a normal manufacturing job in industry window. This has no security requirements, and can be done in high security space. Manufactoring the final booster product requires the pure booster material of the desired grade covered in the above section, megacyte, and an appropriate blueprint.

Cerebral Accelerators

Cerebral Accelerators are a special category of boosters that increase the attributes of character, thereby increasing the speed at which they accrue skill points. Some Cerebral Accelerators provide additional bonuses to combat stats, but most only affect character attributes.

The attribute bonus given by Cerebral Accelerators varies by type and method of acquisition, but all Cerebral Accelerators boost all attributes by the same amount: a booster might give a +2 bonus to all attributes or a +4 bonus, for instance, but it will not give a +2 bonus to some attributes and a +4 bonus to others.

Like normal boosters, all Cerebral Accelerators occupy a booster slot, meaning that pilots cannot use two different accelerators at the same time. Like normal boosters, Cerebral Accelerators have their duration (and therefore potential total SP gain) increased by the character skill Biology.

As noted above, boosters and implants occupy different slots, so pilots are able to use a full set of attribute-boosting implants alongside a Cerebral Accelerator. Unlike normal boosters, and unlike implants, the cerebral accelerators stay active even if you clone jump or get podded.

The most common sources of Cerebral Accelerators are various periodical events such as Crimson Harvest. These accelerators are valid for only limited time, after which they expire and can no longer be used.

The second source of accelerators are deals offered to new players by CCP (e.g. the Steam Super Starter Pack), which allow inexperienced players to experiment with their skill queue during their first few days in New Eden. Cerebral Accelerators obtained by deal offers are only usable for characters below a certain in-game age (usually less than 15 days old). These boosters will deactivate if a character exceeds the intended age, regardless of the remaining duration.

Cerebral Accelerators obtained via real-money purchases are not available on the regular market, but can be sold via contract.

Players purchasing Accelerators must weigh up the ISK-for-SP efficiency of Accelerators against that of purchased skill injectors. Depending on market fluctuations, injectors might be a better purchase for lower-SP characters. The diminishing returns on injectors for characters with more SP make Accelerators more worthwhile for more advanced characters. Accelerators which are obtained for free from events, or looted, or gifted to a player, are of course worth using and do not raise the same ISK-efficiency questions.


When a player purchases a subscription package that includes a Cerebral Accelerator of any kind, the Accelerator will be delivered via the item redemption system. To redeem a Cerebral Accelerator:

  1. Go to the character selection screen.
  2. If the Accelerator is available to be redeemed, a “Redeem Items” ribbon with be located along the bottom of the screen. Click on this, and a list of all the items available to be redeemed will be shown.
  3. Drag and drop the Accelerator onto the portrait of the character you want to receive it.
  4. The item will be delivered to the Item Hangar of the station in which the designated character is currently docked.
    Note: It is advisable to move the desired character to the station you want the item at before redeeming the item. That way there is zero chance of losing it during transport.
  5. To activate the Accelerator, right click on it in the Item Hangar and choose “Consume”.

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