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This page is a work in progress, and will be updated as part of the in-progress Tournament History Project (E-UNI forum link).

The Showdown Invitational was a 6v6 tournament organized by Streamfleet, and took place on January 19th, 2019 on the Thunderdome event server. Four teams competed over a 10 billion ISK prize pool and "The Jin'Taan Trophy of Superior Internet Spaceshipness". The event distinguished itself from the Alliance Tournament ruleset by disallowing remote logistics.


  • Four-team single elimination bracket with third place decider match, with random seeding.
    • Grand Finals is played as a best of three (Bo3), all other matches played as best of one (Bo1).
  • Match victors are determined by most number of ships remaining at the end of round, then largest ship remaining, then most DPS remaining.

Prize Pool

The total prizepool for this tournament was 10,000,000,000 (10 Billion) ISK and the "The Jin'Taan Trophy of Superior Internet Spaceshipness" [1].

Place Prize
1st 4,000,000,000 ISK + The Jin'Taan Trophy of Superior Internet Spaceshipness
2nd 3,000,000,000 ISK
3rd 2,000,000,000 ISK
4th 1,000,000,000 ISK


Place Team
1st Spooky Action
2nd Templis CALSF
3rd Rekking Crew
4th Remake Amarr Great. Again


(adapted from a rules document posted by Jin'Taan.)


  • Each team must come up with five preset compositions, each with one ship from each of the following categories:
  • A ship can not be used in more than one composition.
  • Precursor ships are considered faction for the purposes of this tournament.

Composition Usage

  • Each team selects one composition to use each round.
  • Once a composition is used in a round, it can't be used for the rest of the tournament.
  • Teams can ban one of their opponent's compositions each round. Bans do not carry over between matches.
    • In the case of the grand finals reaching a third round, all previous bans in that match are nullified.


  • The fittings, and layout of these compositions must be sent to the organisers 1 week before the tournament starts.
    • The ships of these compositions will then be posted, although the fits will not. The fittings will be shown to the commentary and analysis staff in order to allow discussion and commentary with no hidden information on their part, giving them everything they need to help explain what’s going on - and forecast play plans from both sides.
  • No Remote Armor, Shield or Hull Repairers, or Remote Armor, Shield or Hull repair drones may be used, or fit to any ship of a submitted composition.
  • The Micro Jump Field Generator may not be used.
  • E-War scripts (Damps/TDs) are ONLY allowed to be used on T1 Frigates OR Faction E-War Frigates. Other ships may use E-War, but only without scripts.
  • A maximum of 1 Ancillary Shield Booster (ASB) may be fit to any ship.
  • Only T1 and Navy Faction drones may be used. ECM drones (EC-300, 600 & 900’s) are banned. All other E-War drones are permitted.
  • Only EG-603 or EE-603 implants, or Mindlinks (T2 or Navy) may be used. No drugs may be used.
  • Only T1, Meta and T2 mods may be used, and only T1 rigs may be used. Storyline, Faction, Abyssal, Deadspace, Officer, Event and other high meta level items may NOT be fit.
  • Ammo is limited to NAVY faction, T2 and T1 variants.


  • pre-October 2018 ECM was in effect due to the version of EVE Online on Thunderdome.
  • No Triglavian ships were actually available, due to the Thunderdome version predating Into the Abyss.

Broadcast Talent







With the exception of Templis CALSF, teams were formed out of members from various corporations and alliances. The taglines for each team, as written by Streamfleet, are as follows:

Rekking Crew - the terrors of Derelik

Spooky Action - a mix of AT veterans and newer pilots

Remake Amarr Great. Again (alternatively Remake Amarr Great. Reloaded) - a team of streaming All-Stars

Templis CALSF - a team with long tournament pedigree

The participating capsuleers, including the corporation and alliance they were in at the time of this tournament in Tranquility are listed below. Known captains are noted with a (C) next to their name. Players who were not able to be fielded, but were placed on the tournament's final rosters[2], are listed under the "Unfielded Players" category.

Rekking Crew [REKK]
Player Corporation Alliance
Bryan Tinker Deep Axion Honorable Third Party
md5oogle Trillium Invariant Honorable Third Party
Meiqur Orez Trillium Invariant Honorable Third Party
Paxom Seventeenth Battalion Honorable Third Party
theelusiveyoda Death Troopers PURPLE HELMETED WARRIORS
Sp3ctr380 Seventeenth Battalion Honorable Third Party
Unfielded Players
Coat (?) ? ?
Midmaster Brave Newbies Inc. Brave Collective
Stryfe Eltanin Neutrals In System Honorable Third Party
Spooky Action [SAAAT]
Player Corporation Alliance
Blood Ruin The Kronos Ritual None
ElDiablo DelRojo Brutor Tribe None
SidTheKid100 New Order Outreach Division CODE.
Stratta Roe Girls. Kingless.
Valana Furnace lllllllllllllllll
Vordak Kallager (C) New Order Outreach Division CODE.
Wild Things New Order Outreach Division CODE.
Unfielded Players
Blood Tihr The Kronos Ritual None
Bowboy686 Renalard The Kronos Ritual None
Bungo Brown Parroto Social Club None
Cyclo Hexanol Stimulus. Rote Kapelle
Havak II NANO CONSPIRACY lllllllllllllllll
Jabari Gonzalez Stimulus. Rote Kapelle
Moodida The Kronos Ritual None
Nyth Hinken The Kronos Ritual None
W4r Destined Half Empty skill urself
well memed sir The Scope None
Remake Amarr Great. Again [1.9.]
Player Corporation Alliance
aria Yatolila Literally The Worst Community None
Aurianna Komorowski Wrath of the Caldari Navy Templis CALSF
Damassys Kadesh Eternal Damnation of the Woken Mind None
Ciaphas Kaine Imperial Academy None
Gorski Car Big Krab Hunters None
Mgaati en Daire Crimson Serpent Syndicate Heiian Conglomerate
Unfielded Players
Arsia Elkin PIE Inc. Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris
Hollandaise Sauce Eternal Blue Sky None
MantelGlobalIndustries Crimson Serpent Syndicate Heiian Conglomerate
Templis CALSF [CLSF.]
Player Corporation Alliance
Auroraqual Caldari Colonial Defense Ministry Templis CALSF
Dale Sturtevant Caldari Colonial Defense Ministry Templis CALSF
Killa542 Nasty-Boyz Templis CALSF
Stalence Caldari Colonial Defense Ministry Templis CALSF
TheLastSparton Caldari Colonial Defense Ministry Templis CALSF
ushy Afuran Nasty-Boyz Templis CALSF
Unfielded Players
Solidus Obscura Nasty-Boyz Templis CALSF


Round of 4 (Bo1):

Spooky Action 1 - 0 Rekking Crew

Remake Amarr Great. Again 0 - 1 Templis CALSF

3rd Place Match (Bo1):

Rekking Crew 1 - 0 Remake Amarr Great. Again

Grand Finals (Bo3):

Spooky Action 2 - 0 Templis CALSF


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