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This CORE class aims to introduce new players to Trading in EVE Online.
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Class Overview

Introduction to Trade teaches the basics of Trading in EVE Online, how to go about buying and selling goods and hopefully making a profit whole doing so.

This CORE class covers the following topics:

  • The Market
  • The Market Window
  • Buy and Sell Orders
  • Station Trading and Trade Hubs
  • Making a Profit
  • Region Trading
  • Inter-Region Trading
  • Direct Trade and Contracts
  • Q&A

You are interested in teaching this class to others?

Feel free to reach out to our Teaching Department via EVEmail, Forums, Discord or Mumble. We are happy to help you get set up and provide assistance!

For more information on teaching classes in EVE University:

LINK (to “Teaching for Eve University” Wiki page)- ToDo will follow soon
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