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Summary This CORE class aims to introduce new players to different activities available in New Eden, helping them to find their preferred ways to have fun and make ISK.
Reading list Careers, Industry, Mining, Missions, Exploration, Abyssal Deadspace, Trading, Hauling, Solo PvP
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Class Overview

Introduction to Careers introduces the basic paths a player can take in EVE Online. It provides an overview over different ingame activities and how to find them via the AGENCY window so players can choose their very own way of enjoying the game!

This CORE class covers the following topics:

  • Agents & Missions
  • Encounters
  • Abysall Deadspace & Triglavian Invasion
  • Exploration
  • Resource Harvesting
  • Industry
  • Trade
  • Hauling
  • Other Careers
  • PvP & PvE
  • Q&A

Are you interested in teaching this class for others?

Feel free to reach out to our Teaching Department via EVEmail, Forums, Discord or Mumble. We are happy to help you get set up and provide assistance!

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