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Jump Freighters
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This class aims to introduce players to Jump Freighters and their mechanics.
Reading list
Jump drives

Class Overview

This Class introduces Jump Freighters and their mechanics in EVE. It resolves around a practical session on the Test Sever Sisi.

This class covers the following topics:

  • What is a Jump Freighters
  • Differences between the four racial JFs
  • What skills do I need to fly a JF?
  • How to move a JF through HS, LS, NS
    • How do I use Cynos?
    • What is a webbing alt?
  • How do I fit my JF?
  • How to avoid Suicide Ganker
  • How to 'plus jump'
  • Q&A

You are interested in teaching this class to others?

Feel free to reach out to our Teaching Department via EVEmail, Forums, Discord or Mumble. We are happy to help you get set up and provide assistance! For more information on teaching classes in EVE University:

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