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This is a work-in-progress.

During war, EVE University and Ivy League uses a strict set of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), typically referred to as the "War SOP".

These are part of a carefully crafted war doctrine, based on years of experience in EVE, that is intended to bring the war to a quick close by denying the war's entertainment or profit value to the enemy, and by frustrating or even boring the enemy at every chance we get, while still meeting the University's educational goals by teaching students how to fight hisec wars. To that end, the SOP is intended to:

  • Deny the enemy easy kills of helpless non-combat ships.
  • Deny the enemy easy kills of poorly-fitted ships.
  • Deny the enemy any kills of high-value ships that will look good on his killboard.
  • Deny the enemy any chance to banter or smack talk with us.
  • Deny the enemy any enjoyment from the conflict.

Below are the main rules and details, however you may simply read the contents if you do not require detailed information. References[x] link to the bottom of this page where, if you wish, you can find the reasoning behind these rules.


During War

The Default SOP applies to all members when the DEFCON level listed in the Chat.E-UNI channel is set as DEFCON 1. While this is typically during wartime, it may also be applied during peacetime if required.

The below rules are as clear as they can be made, but if you require clarification, then please speak to a Director. There are no hidden meanings, and anything not listed here is not an official rule.

In the event you break one of the rules, then you should admit it and accept the consequences, rather than attempting to avoid the repercussions, as you will typically find leniency. Most wartime violations result in the person involved being temporarily removed from E-UNI, which we hate having to do.

You must not be undocked unless you are... a combat fleet

Combat fleets are three or more combat fitted ships[1], who are seeking to engage war-targets or other hostiles[2] in LowSec and NullSec.


Travelling is moving with no cargo (opposed to hauling) and is only[3] allowed in 'Fast Frigate' class ships, Shuttles and Starter Frigates[4]. There is no requirement that you must travel toward HQ. the E-UNI POS

Setting up overviews, practising scanning and sparring[5] can be done at the POS, as it will engage any hostile targets on grid with you[6].

...logged in to a non E-UNI character

This counts for your characters in E-UNI; for those not in corp[7], it doesn't count.

You cannot fly any...

There are a number of restrictions on what ships you are allowed to fly during wars[8]. If you want to fly one of these ships, then you must receive written permission from the Fleet Admiral or CEO.

...'Covert Ops' ship without a certification

This is any ship which can fit a Covert Ops Cloak[9], such as:

Individual certifications are available from the ILN.

...Tech 2 BattleCruisers or Battleships

...Tech 3 ships

...Mining Ships

This is any ship which has a bonusses related to mining, barring the cruiser class[17], such as:


This is any ship which is designed to move large amounts of cargo around[22], such as:

...faction ships

  • Any ship with 'Issue'[28] in the Name.[29]
  • Any 'Pirate' faction ship.[30]
  • Any ship listed in the 'Faction' subsection on the Market.[31]

...rare or unique ships

This is any ship which has been seeded by CCP[32], and the blueprints are not publicly available for, such as:

...Capital Ships

This is any ship which requires a jump drive[34] to move around, such as Dreadnoughts and Carriers.[35]

You must fit...

...your ship for PvP

This depends greatly on the ship, but means no Mining lasers, cargo expanders or exploration (Codebreaker, Analyser, etc) modules, along with a Buffer tank where appropriate. For relevant fittings, see the forum.[36]

...your guns and launchers efficiently

This means using faction ammo where you can[37]. Remember you don't need to fill your cargo, no matter what the ammo - you need only take one or two reloads on most fleets. faction, officer or deadspace modules

This is any module with a Meta Level above 5[38], however scouts with the Covert Ops certification may fit a faction probe launcher at their discretion.

...a Tech 2 tank on BattleCruisers and Battleships

This means your tanking modules are mainly Tech 2, such as Hardeners, Extenders, and so on.[39]

...your ship for its role

This should go without saying, but it means the modules on your ship should not typically cost massively more than the value of the hull. Tackle frigates are fit cheaply and disposably[40], and module cost scales with the cost of the hull[41].

...appropriate rigs

You must always... on Mumble when in space

You don't have to be able to speak, just to listen. This counts for travelling as well as fleets.[47]

...follow OpSec

Operational Security is very important in a group the size of EVE University which has recruiting this open.[48]

...check the Local channel for War-Targets

Check it before you undock, and keep checking it whenever you are in space. Hostiles may appear at any moment.[49]

...dock up if there are War-Targets

If not in a fleet[50] and you see a War-Target in space or the local channel, then dock immediately, no waiting.

...avoid Trade Hubs when travelling

Where possible, you should avoid Trade hubs when travelling[51], and go around them when you can. Remember, you can use Trade skills for station trading remotely without being docked there.

You must never...

...speak to a War-Target

Apart from a "GF" (good fight) in local, we use our guns to communicate with war targets[52]. Only Directors are Diplomats allowed to talk to them, so just ignore them and report any attempts to contact you to the Director of Public Relations or another Director.[53]

...discuss the war in public

By public, we mean anywhere other than the E-UNI channels and forum. This also includes any alts and those who have left E-UNI for the duration of the war and expect to return.[54]

...use the Autopilot

Apart from using it to plot a course and highlight gates, it must never be used to actually fly your ship. All manoeuvres[55] must be done manually.[56]

...mine, anywhere at all

Mining leads to sitting still for ages, not really paying attention[57]. Mining in exploration sites, mission spaces or even in wormholes is not allowed.

...haul items, ever

This means moving anything in your cargo other than ammo, charges or modules to swap out with current fit.[58] Agent Missions or Incursions

This includes any mission which requires you to move items, such as Distribution or Mining and also includes Epic Arc missions.

Missions which require you to kill NPCs, such as Security Missions[59] and Incursions, may only be run during the Relaxed SOP, and then only as part of a fleet while PvP fit[60]. any PvE in known space

This means exploration sites, COSMOS or static complexes[61]. Exploration sites are allowed only in wormhole space[62].

...go AFK in space

Never leave your ship unattended for long periods when in space[63]. Always dock up if you have to leave. If you are a scout or picket and need to take a short break, warp to a safe-spot and cloak up until you get back.


...must have at least three E-UNI members

These are individual people who are current EVE University members, so people running multiple accounts or alts don't count toward this.[64]

...should have a covert scout if possible

At least one Covert Ops certified scout is encouraged but is not a requirement[65]. If a scout isn't available, then you can use Picket frigates instead[66]. Remember that the scout does not have to be in E-UNI.[67]

...must be on Mumble with the FC able to talk

Fleets must use the Uni Mumble server for voice communications, and the Fleet Commander must be able to talk.[68]

...members must not be impaired

This means in PvP, you have one active account logged in, not multiple accounts you are splitting your focus across (for example an out of corp scout with another member in the fleet). Similarly, fleet members must not be tired and/or intoxicated.[69]

...must hand all war loot over to the Uni

Loot from E-UNI wrecks should be collected and given back to the owner where possible, with any war-target loot placed into the "Ivy League Navy" Hangar at PTS or CBT in Aldrat[70]. Fleets during peacetime may set their own loot policy or donate it to the ILN, with donations during peacetime not required.

You can...

There are a number of options which you can do during wars apart from fleets hunting War Targets. fleets in LoSec and NullSec

Just because there are no war targets around doesn't mean there is nobody to fight. Take a fleet out to losec or nullsec, and see what you find[71]. Wormhole Operations

You may run combat sites in wormholes during wartime[72]. All the other rules are in effect however, so fleets must be PvP fitted and have at least three E-UNI members. A cloaked scout (either certified or picket) is required to stay at the exit to known-space[73].

If you have a significant sized fleet (eight or more members), salvage Destroyers, BattleCruisers or a Noctis may be used in wormhole fleets, complete with Salvaging Rigs[74]. These ships MUST fit a cloaking device and full tank, and sit cloaked at a safe spot until time to salvage and then be guarded while salvaging. This is the ONLY exception.

...station trade

Remember that moving cargo (items not for your current ship) is prohibited while using an E-UNI character, and the Daytrading, Marketing and Procurement skills allow you to trade remotely. 'Shopping trips' are still prohibited.

...use an out of corp character

You can use an out-of-corp character or alt for Missions, Mining and Hauling. Many missions may be accepted on your E-UNI character but performed with an alt.

...leave E-UNI until the war ends

If you want to, you may leave the Uni until the war ends without any penalties. You will retain access to the vast majority of forum content, channels, classes, the Wiki and even Mumble, and will be fast-tracked when returning.

During Relaxed SOP...

The "Relaxed SOP" is a modification to the normal SOP which allows E-UNI members to engage in limited PvE activity without dropping from the corporation. E-UNI Directors will notify members when Relaxed SOP is in effect via the Message of the Day Chat.E-UNI and an EVE-mail to the alliance.

...Security missions may be run in a fleet

These are the agent missions, not incursions, exploration, etc. As long as the fleet has at least three E-UNI members, then you may have as many out-of-corp people in the fleet as you want.

...Incursions may be run with an E-UNI fleet

Incursions are allowed, but fleets must only be comprised of E-UNI members[75]. Joining a public Incursion fleet is therefore prohibited, as it risks out status with the Incursion fleet organizers, and failure to follow this will likely see you Departed[76].

...mission & incursion fleets must stay together

In other words, everyone must be in the same mission space so they can engage the hostiles if they appear.

...ships are still fit for PvP

All ships must still be fitted for PvP combat, and be ready to engage a hostile target.

...Distribution and Mining missions are prohibited

Use an out-of-corp alt for these if you have to.

...all other rules are the same

Everything else in the SOP is as normal wartime.


Lockdowns may be called by an ILN Officer or Management, and are typically limited to a specific area.

These mean any NON-fleet activity is no longer allowed and all pilots MUST be docked unless in a combat fleet and ordered to be undocked by their FC. You may not travel into or out of the lockdown area, except via clone jump.

Once the threat has passed, the lockdown should be lifted by an ILN Officer or Management.


In the event of a violation of the above restrictions, ILN personnel are to follow the process below, leading to destruction of a members ship and pod if they do not respond.

If at any time the subject 'wakes up', then must be ordered to dock immediately, or if the subject refuses to cooperate, or a war-target appears on-grid, then the personnel are authorised to skip straight to destruction of the subjects ship or pod.

  1. Try to convo, evemail and get their attention via alliance and corp chat.
  2. Fire a single warning shot.
  3. Wait 30 seconds.
  4. Warp scram and web target, fire second shot.
  5. Wait 30 seconds.
  6. Destroy ship.
  7. Collect loot, vaporize or salvage the wreck immediately and place the remains on contract to the subject.
  8. Repeat with Pod if needed.

This may seem harsh, but denying the war-targets kills of the 'easy targets' they expect has shown to end the war significantly quicker than normal, and there can be no excuse for not knowing the rules.


For new players, its not immediately obvious why the rules are as they are. Below are answers to some of the more common questions.

  1. ^ War targets tend to want to pick off members flying solo, and will typically avoid a fight they may not be able to win.
  2. ^ Combat is always allowed in the Uni, as long as it follows our RoE
  3. ^ These are small, fast and can typically get through a camped gate if you encounter any hostiles. On top of this, they are also cheap, and will not typically make a significant ISK dent on the killboard.
  4. ^ Travelling in a Capsule, while possible, is generally a bad idea as they are so fragile. If flying a shuttle at least, you can survive at least one volley.
  5. ^ This does not have to be inside the shield, but for safety reasons you should stay within 50km of the tower where possible.
  6. ^ It will tend to take a few seconds for the POS to lock and kill a wartarget, so you must still be careful
  7. ^ This should be fairly obvious, but we do not have any restrictions on what you do on any alts during wartime, as long as it does not reflect badly on the Uni.
  8. ^ When faced with a significant fleet, wartaregts will typically go for the biggest or most expensive kill they can get to pad their killboard.
  9. ^ Which in the case of frigates is worth more than the rest of the ship put together, and a nice loot present.
  10. ^ These are very expensive for what they do, and need some practice and knowledge to avoid being decloaked.
  11. ^ These are expensive, require high skills, and are only effective with a well coordinated team.
  12. ^ Like both the Stealth Bomber and Covert Ops Frigate, these are expensive and need practice to use well.
  13. ^ These are useful when you have very high or even maxed Leadership skills, but are not worth the Risk to ISK ratio.
  14. ^ These are PvE rather than PvP ships, built to take damage over a long period and loot missions.
  15. ^ These are useful in losec and nullsec, but expensive and require covert support and significant SP to fly well.
  16. ^ Like many others, these are very expensive and not worth the Risk to ISK ratio.
  17. ^ The cruiser class of mining ships are dual-role, and therefore can be used for PvP and Mining.
  18. ^ These are not designed for PvP at all, and in some cases are not even a match for the typical belt rat.
  19. ^ This should go without saying, but they have little to no offensive capability if the target is not an asteroid.
  20. ^ While they can fit a half-decent PvE tank, they are simply not suited to any PvP.
  21. ^ Big, slow, expensive and no means of defence? Not a PvP ship!
  22. ^ In short, if there's something worth moving, its worth money to someone, and is better not put in harms way at all.
  23. ^ While they can have a decent buffer tank to avoid some suicide ganks, they are slow and do not survive long in PvP.
  24. ^ These can warp cloaked, are fast and manoeuvrable, which is nice, but they are expensive and still don't last long, which is not nice.
  25. ^ These tend to have a half-decent tank, and built-in warp stabilisers, but are very slow, expensive and an easy target.
  26. ^ This should go without saying, but while freighters have a decent amount of HP, they huge, slow, can be outrun by a capsule and are incredibly expensive if/when they are lost, even without any cargo.
  27. ^ Even worse than a freighter, far more expensive and not even as big. Avoid!
  28. ^ Raven Navy Issue, Stabber Fleet Issue, etc.
  29. ^ While some of these may be good, they arent worth the Risk to ISK.
  30. ^ Like any 'Issue' ships, they tend to be good, but very expensive, even against the T2 versions.
  31. ^ This should be self-evident, but if a ship is not listed as 'Standard' or 'Advanced', they aren't allowed.
  32. ^ While they may not have cost you anything originally, they are still worth something to someone, and therefore tend to make good prizes on a killboard.
  33. ^ Far too many to list here, including rewards from CCP for things like the Alliance Tournaments
  34. ^ Hopefully nobody is expecting to be able to use these in any HiSec wars.
  35. ^ E-UNI has never lost a capital ship. You don't want to be the first!
  36. ^ Hopefully this should be fairly self evident after playing a little EVE, but PvP fits tend to focus on 'buffer' tanks and are significantly different to PvE fits which focus on repairing over time.
  37. ^ The extra damage is usually worth the money, but if you cant afford it, thats ok.
  38. ^ These are massively expensive compared to Meta 0-5 modules, and we don't want to leave anything valuable behind if you get killed.
  39. ^ There are some exceptions to this where the Meta 4 module has better statistics, and is cheaper or easier to fit, but in all cases you must still have the skills to fit the modules individually.
  40. ^ Use Meta 0, 1 or 2 modules where you can as they are very cheap.
  41. ^ The bigger the ship, the less likely it is to die quickly in a fight, therefore it is worth fitting it well.
  42. ^ These are used for tackling and die quickly, so the extra cost is not worth it until you have maxed out all the skills, at which point you should probably be flying something bigger.
  43. ^ Depending on your skills and cash flow, you can fit rigs on cruiser hulls if you want.
  44. ^ These ships abilities are greatly improved by fitting appropriate rigs.
  45. ^ For the extra ISK involved in the hull, it would be silly not to.
  46. ^ These are horrendously expensive and never provide bonuses worth the extra ISK for PvP.
  47. ^ If something happens, you need to be able to communicate it quickly, or at least receive instruction quickly. The few seconds it can take to type something and someone to read it back is often the difference between success and failure.
  48. ^ Its trivial for a hostile to infiltrate the Uni, so assume there are spies everywhere! Remember, loose lips sink internet spaceships!
  49. ^ The Local channel is the best tool any player has as to what is going on, and during war it should be made as tall as possible so you can see as many people as possible without scrolling.
  50. ^ Hopefully that should go without saying, but if you are in a fleet you should be killing them.
  51. ^ These are prime hunting grounds for most wartargets, and will often have hostiles or their alts present.
  52. ^ A casual comment can lead to a war turning very nasty, and you may end up accidentally passing intel.
  53. ^ We have a lot of practice in dealing with them, and speak on behalf of the whole University.
  54. ^ Similar to talking to war-targets, this can reflect very badly on the Uni as a whole.
  55. ^ This includes setting the next system as a waypoint, and enabling autopilot while in warp, as it leaves a crucial few seconds before jumping.
  56. ^ The Autopilot is dangerous even in peacetime as it drops you around 15km from the gate, meaning that you need to either align and enter warp to escape or burn those 15km to the stargate to jump through. Not to mention that Autopilot promotes being AFK.
  57. ^ This is the ideal way to trade your ship for a cluster of twisted metal because you weren't paying attention, and were in a fragile ship.
  58. ^ A massive percentage of our war-targets declare war on E-UNI specifically to kill people hauling items, so providing them free stuff as a reward is a very bad idea.
  59. ^ PvE fits are totally different to PvP fits, and tend to be both very expensive and set to tank and deal a specific type of damage.
  60. ^ War targets tend to be looking for solo kills, and mission runners are almost always solo.
  61. ^ All of these are pretty similar to running normal missions, but are easier to find you.
  62. ^ It's unlikely a wartarget would follow a Uni fleet to w-space where they could be killed by anyone, otherwise they would be in nullsec or lowsec.
  63. ^ Being AFK, for an extended time, even cloaked at a safe-spot or sitting at the POS, simply isn't worth the risk.
  64. ^ You need to be able to defend yourself and potentially kill any hostiles in the event you encounter a hostile target, and not present a nice easy kill. If the situation is not well in their favour, most hostiles will avoid combat.
  65. ^ Knowing what is on the other side of a gate without letting the hostile know you are coming will always give you an advantage.
  66. ^ Even jumping through the gate then immediately cloaking is preferable to not knowing what is there.
  67. ^ Hostiles typically use out of corp scouts to avoid confrontations not in their favour. There is no reason we should not also.
  68. ^ The few seconds needed to type out or otherwise pass a command are often the difference between a success and the loss of the whole fleet.
  69. ^ You really don't want to be known as the fleet commander who fell asleep in the middle of a warp.
  70. ^ Wartime loot is sold and pays for things such as the ship replacement program.
  71. ^ This is a good way to practice, and there is usually someone to shoot and practice with, and you may run into wartargets.
  72. ^ Wormhole combat sites require its very close to normal PvP, and are a good way to practice command.
  73. ^ This is simply to watch for any one entering the system, to give you advance warning.
  74. ^ With appropriate precautions and support, they can be kept relatively safe
  75. ^ Anyone assisting will flag themselves to the hostiles
  76. ^ The membership has worked hard to build trust with these groups, so if you risk this, you will be treated as a hostile target.

Requests for Clarification

All requests for clarification must be made directly to the Directors. If in doubt, avoid the element which is unclear until clarified.

Further Reading