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2017-08-30 I'm working on reorganizing this page. Qwer stoneghost (talk)

2017-08-31 Reorganized into three main sections: Basics, Advice for Beginners, Details.

Many new players come here to get an overview of how missions work. They get lost if there are too many nitty gritty details in the descriptions. BASICS tries to give just the essentials that beginners might need to get started. BASICS gives just facts ... ADVICE gives tips and hints. DETAILS includes all the very specific and technical stuff. SHIPS is a short section that mostly points out to another page. It's a separate section because it's a hot topic and ought to be easy to find.

I tried to check for content and form as I went along. I'm sure it needs more editing, though.

I feel like the article is getting long enough that it could be split to "missions" and "how to missions" articles. Currently it switches between mission info and missionsing guide sections.Hirmuolio pine (talk) 13:44, 1 September 2017 (CDT)
|I was thinking similarly. Maybe it should be "beginners" and "experienced", rather than "description" and "guide". Put all the info and advice for new players on one page and link out to the rest. (That's easy to do, and I can handle it if others agree.) (talk) 15:51 Sep 1, 2017 -04:00 gmt

Curious to see how it would work out, I gave it a try. All 3 pages are marked WiP at the moment - still editing typos and such.

It's difficult to separate this material into "facts" and "guides". Except for long lists of missions, which generally already have their own pages, there aren't a lot of facts ... and much of the advice is so widely accepted that it might as well be fact. In any case, I think this version is cleaner than the previous one. (talk) 11:30 Sep 2, 2017 -04:00 gmt

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