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Basic EVE Skills - This page is being reconstructed

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These are basic skill recommendations. None of these skills have prerequisites above level III, and are thus easily accessible to new players. These skill lists provide a solid foundation on which to build into more advanced and/or specialized skills in a career in which you want to advance.

The various lists will be shown in a logical order for explanation. The order in which you choose to train skills is always a personnal choice however keep in mind that certain skills do have prerequisits.

Take a look at the skill descriptions to see how they would help you, but understand that the description text does not always reveal the variety of useful skills and modules it unlocks as you train higher. Try using an application like EVE Fitting Tool that lets you see how a ship's attributes are affected by skills. EveMon is another popular program that will let you plan skill training for your character. These and other useful programs and websites are linked in the 3rd Party Tools article.

Read more on Support Skills and Core Skills in our wiki articles, which also describe many advanced skills not listed in the basic recommendations below.

General Skills

These skills are going to be in a logical order for explanation. Some of the skills listed will be prerequisites for the others however none of them have prerequisites that are not on this list. These skills are essential for anyone that has any plan to ever actually fly a ship in EVE

Industry Focus

Marketing and Trade

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