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Rigs are permanent ship modifications that fit into the rigging slots of a ship. Once fit, in most ships they must be destroyed in order to be removed (unlike regular modules). The exceptions are T3 Strategic Cruisers which feature removable rigs. Most rigs have some other drawback associated with them; these penalties are reduced by training more levels in the associated rigging skill: the amount of speed reduction caused by armor rigs, for example, is lessened (though never completely eliminated) by your Armor Rigging skill. However, if you're willing to face the full drawback, you can fit any rig with no skills whatsoever.

Rigs don't have powergrid or CPU fitting requirements, but instead require calibration, a rig-specific fitting resource. All ships that can fit rigs have 400 calibration points, except for pirate faction ships which have 350. Alliance Tournament ships have 400 points regardless of faction, while other special edition ships follow the pirate faction rule. A Tech 1 rig requires between 50 and 250 calibration points, with Tech 2 variants requiring 50% more calibration than their Tech 1 equivalents.

Rigs fit into rig slots, and, just like modules, each rig takes up one rig slot. Tech 1 ships have 3 rig slots, Tech 2 ships have 2, and a few ships (notably Freighters, Jump Freighters, Corvettes, and Shuttles) have none.

Rigs come in four sizes:

Unlike for modules, it's not possible to fit a "wrong-sized" rig on a ship. Nearly all rigs come in all four sizes, with identical stats for each size.

Rigs are manufactured by players, using salvaged material.


See also: Armor Tanking and Logistics

The drawbacks of armor rigs can be mitigated by training Icon skillbook2.png Armor Rigging.

Name Effect Drawback
EM Armor Reinforcer Increase armor resistance to EM damage Decreases ship's maximum velocity
Explosive Armor Reinforcer Increase armor resistance to explosive damage
Kinetic Armor Reinforcer Increase armor resistance to kinetic damage
Thermal Armor Reinforcer Increase armor resistance to thermal damage
Auxillary Nano Pump Increase amount a local armor repair module repairs per cycle Increases armor repairer powergrid requirements
Nanobot Accelerator Decrease local armor repair module cycle time[1]
Remote Repair Augmentor Reduces capacitor used by remote armor repair modules Decreases ship's maximum velocity
Transverse Bulkhead Increases hull hit points by a percentage Decreases ship's cargo capacity
Trimark Armor Pump Increases armor hit points by a percentage Decreases ship's maximum velocity
  1. ^ This is not subject to stacking penalties, despite what the rig's description says.


The drawbacks of astronautic rigs can be mitigated by training Icon skillbook2.png Astronautics Rigging.

Name Effect Drawback
Auxiliary Thruster Increase maximum velocity Decreases armor hit points
Cargohold Optimization Increases cargo capacity[1]
Dynamic Fuel Valve Decreases the capacitor used by afterburners and microwarpdrives
Engine Thermal Shielding Increases cycle duration of afterburners and microwarpdrives
Higgs Anchor[2] Increase mass and agility while greatly reducing maximum velocity Reduces warp velocity
Hyperspatial Velocity Optimizer Increases maximum warp velocity Increases signature radius
Low Friction Nozzle Joints Increases agility Decreases armor hit points
Polycarbon Engine Housing Increases maximum velocity and agility
Warp Core Optimizer Reduces the capacitor needs for warping Increases signature radius
  1. ^ This only affects the "normal" cargo bay, it doesn't increase the capacity of any "special" cargo bays (e.g. ore hold, fleet hangar, etc)
  2. ^ Only one Higgs Anchor rig can be fit to a ship at time. Additionally, there is no Tech 2 variant of this rig.


See also: Drones

The drawbacks of drone rigs can be mitigated by training Icon skillbook2.png Drones Rigging.

Name Effect Drawback
Drone Control Range Augmentor Increases the drone control range Decreases ship's CPU
Drone Durability Enhancer Increases drones' hit points (armor, shield, and hull)
Drone Mining Augmentor Increases the yield of mining drones and decreases cycle time for ice harvesting drones
Drone Repair Augmentor Increases the amount repaired by repair drones
Drone Scope Chip Increases the optimal range of drones' weapons
Drone Speed Augmentor Increases the speed of drones
Sentry Damage Augmentor Increases the damage of sentry drones
Stasis Drone Augmentor Increases the amount by which stasis webifier drones reduce their target's velocity

Electronic superiority

See also: Electronic warfare

The drawbacks of electronic superiority rigs can be mitigated by training Icon skillbook2.png Electronic Superiority Rigging.

Name Effect Drawback
Inverted Signal Field Generator Increases the strength of remote sensor dampener modules Decreases shield hit points
Particle Dispersion Augmentor Increases the strength of ECM modules
Particle Dispersion Projector Increases the range of EWAR modules[1]
Signal Disruption Amplifier Decreases the capacitor need for ECM and ECM Burst modules No drawback
Targeting Systems Stabilizer Decreases the targeting delay after uncloaking Decreases shield hit points
Tracking Diagnostic Subroutines Increases the strength of tracking disruptor modules
  1. ^ This applies to all forms of electronic warfare (remote sensor dampeners, weapon disruptors, ECM, and target painters).


Name Effect Drawback
Ancillary Current Router Increases ship's powergrid No drawback
Capacitor Control Circuit Increases ship's capacitor recharge rate
Command Processor[1] Increase the number of Command Burst modules that can be equipped to a command-capable ship
Egress Port Maximizer Decreases the capacitor use of capacitor transfer and neutralizer modules
Liquid Cooled Electronics Reduces the CPU needs of modules that require the Electronics Upgrades[2] skill
Powergrid Subroutine Maximizer Decreases the CPU need for all power upgrade modules[3]
Processor Overclocking Unit Increases ship's CPU, -5% shield recharge rate
Semiconductor Memory Cell Increases ship's total capacitor
  1. ^ There is no Tech 2 variant of this rig.
  2. ^ This includes modules like Co-Processors and Signal Amplifiers.
  3. ^ All modules which increase a ship's powergrid, e.g. Micro-Auxiliary Power Cores, Power Diagnostic Systems, and Reactor Control Units.

Missile launcher

See also: Missile Launchers

The drawbacks of missile launcher rigs can be mitigated by training Icon skillbook2.png Launcher Rigging.

Name Effect Drawback
Bay Loading Accelerator Increases the rate of fire of launchers Increases CPU cost of missile launchers
Hydraulic Bay Thrusters Increases missile velocity
Rocket Fuel Cache Partition Increases missile flight time
Warhead Calefaction Catalyst Increases missile damage
Warhead Flare Catalyst Increases missile explosion velocity
Warhead Rigor Catalyst Decreases missile explosion radius

Resource processing

See also: Mining
Name Effect Drawback
Ice Harvester Accelerator[1] Reduces the cycle time of ice harvester modules No drawback
Mercoxit Mining Crystal Optimization[1] Increase the mining yield of modules using Mercoxit mining crystals
Salvage Tackle Increases the chance to salvage successfully Decreases maximum velocity[2]
  1. ^ a b This rig is only available as a Tech 1, medium-sized rig.
  2. ^ This can be mitigated by training Armor Rigging.


See also: Scanning
Name Effect Drawback
Emission Scope Sharpener Increases virus coherence of relic analyzer modules No drawback
Gravity Capacitor Upgrade Increases scan strength of scan probes
Memetic Algorithm Bank Increases virus coherence of data analyzer modules
Signal Focusing Kit Increases speed of cargo, ship, and survey scanners Decreases shield hit points[1]
  1. ^ This can be mitigated by training Electronic Superiority Rigging.


See also: Shield Tanking

The drawbacks of shield rigs can be mitigated by training Icon skillbook2.png Shield Rigging.

Name Effect Drawback
EM Shield Reinforcer Increase shield resistance to EM damage Increases ship's signature radius
Explosive Shield Reinforcer Increase shield resistance to explosive damage
Kinetic Shield Reinforcer Increase shield resistance to kinetic damage
Thermal Shield Reinforcer Increase shield resistance to thermal damage
Core Defense Capacitor Safeguard Decreases the capacitor used by modules that require the Shield Operation[1] skill
Core Defense Charge Economizer Decreases powergrid use of shield upgrade modules
Core Defense Field Extender Increases shield capacity
Core Defense Field Purger Increases shield recharge rate
Core Defense Operation Solidifier Decreases the cycle time of shield boosters
  1. ^ Shield Boosters and Ancillary Shield Boosters.


The drawbacks of targeting rigs can be mitigated by training Icon skillbook2.png Electronic Superiority Rigging.

Name Effect Drawback
Ionic Field Projector Increases your maximum targeting range Decreases shield hit points
Targeting System Subcontroller Increases your targeting speed

Turret weapons

See also: Turrets

Each of the three turret types (energy, hybrid, and projectile) have a separate set of rigs. The drawback of turret weapon rigs can be reduced by training Icon skillbook2.png Energy Weapon Rigging, Icon skillbook2.png Hybrid Weapon Rigging, or Icon skillbook2.png Projectile Weapon Rigging, as appropriate.

Name Effect Drawback
Algid Administrations Unit Decreases turret CPU needs Increases turret powergrid needs
Ambit Extension Increases turret accuracy falloff
Burst Aerator Increases turret rate of fire
Collision Accelerator Increases turret damage
Discharge Elutriation[1] Decreases turret capacitor use
Locus Coordination Increases turret optimal range
Metastasis Adjuster Increases turret tracking speed
  1. ^ There is no version of this rig for projectile weapons, since they don't use capacitor.

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