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Booster Ships

Heavy Tackle/Neuting Ships

Damage Dealers






The fleet is a brawling armor fleet. The fleet is built around two boosting ships. The forward booster would be flown by the FC and is deliberately has no weapons so that the FC can concentrate on managing the fleet. The forward booster goes as far forward as possible and tries to draw fire as his/her ship has the best resistances and tank.

The rear booster position is about 30 km behind the forward booster. The logi will anchor on the rear booster. The rear booster may need to move forward if DD/Heavy tackler(s) stray out of range of the logi. The rear booster would apply damage at range, focusing on first on EWAR hassling the logi wing otherwise following the target calls. The rear booster would also provide intel to the FC using the ship scanner. The rear booster will be the 2nd in command. If the fleet commander goes down then the rear booster will move forward to the DD wing if the fight can be won. If the 2nd in command goes down then in all but the margin of cases, the fight will usually be lost and the fleet should be ordered to scatter.

The heavy tackler/neuter(s) follows the primary calls to disable the primary and can also act as the drone bunny. On occasion, it may be necessary to order the heavy tackler/neuter(s) to neut the enemy logi wing. The heavy tackler is a priority for the logi wing. Each heavy tackler will be paired with a logi pilot and the logi pilot will feed the heavy tackler capacitor. Because of the rear booster most logi pilots will be cap stable with only one incoming energy transfer.

DD pilots would orbit the primary directly. DD will spread their points.

The frigate tackle and frigate ewar would follow normal tactics for their ship. Ewar pilots that are not confident with manual piloting skills can anchor on the rear booster.

Given ideal circumstances when warping into a hostile fleet, the forward booster, heavy tackle, DD, tackle frigates would warp in first at zero. The rear booster, logi and ewar would warp in at range a few seconds after that. Logi would immediately land reps before setting up the cap chain.