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Wiki Curators take formal responsibility for the editing and maintenance of the UniWiki, above and beyond other regular editors. The scope of an individual curator's involvement varies. Some curators work to organize and update the UniWiki as a whole, while others focus on specific areas of knowledge. Wiki Curators help enhance articles, review changes by others, proofread, add more links, improve style, and so on. A curator is not necessarily the top authority on a topic, but more of a coordinator for content improvement and a caretaker for existing content. Sometimes a curator and an officer/manager for a particular program may be the same person.

Becoming a Wiki Curator

Wiki Curatorship has very few requirements, so it is one of the easiest roles to obtain:


  • Interest in a topic
  • Decent editing skills (formatting, style, proficiency with English for proof reading, etc.)
  • EVE University forum account

Wiki Curators do not need to be members of EVE University. All members of the EVE community are encouraged to contribute their knowledge and expertise. While EVE University does host and administrate the UniWiki, the UniWiki serves the entire EVE community; thus, the entire EVE community should feel welcome to participate in EVE University's mission to create an accurate and comprehensive resource.

To qualify, simply start editing any page(s) in the wiki you consider relevant to a topic of your interest. Curatorships will vary in size, with some made up by a single page and others a few, such as Planetary Interaction. Lots of users already have plenty of wiki edits to pages that would more than qualify them to claim official curatorship for that area.

When you feel comfortable with the topic and think you have a decent idea of which pages are involved, create a forum thread in the Web Services and Development Wiki subforum with the set of pages listed requesting feedback from the community on whether it makes sense to group those pages and if anybody else has an interest in helping out. That is a great time to also make a push to improve the pages overall, if needed.

Send a forum PM or Evemail to the Wiki Manager if they haven't noticed the thread after a couple of days so that they can chime in. After discussion has progressed to the point where it becomes apparent whether or not the area justifies the curatorship, and that a worthy candidate is available, the decision will be made and celebrations can begin.

Alternatively, you can apply to join the wiki team directly using this application. Particularly active editors who consistently produce quality contributions may also be personally invited to join the wiki team by the Wiki Manager or EVE University Management#Director of Communications, though they are of course under no obligation to do so.

Wiki Curators receive access to the Wiki Staff subforum on the EVE University forums. Curators who are also current members of EVE University will also be invited to E-UNI Staff Slack to facilitate communication with other members of the wiki team. EVE University alumni and other non-member curators may also receive access to Staff Slack subject to Director approval on a case-by-case basis.

Some curators will eventually go inactive for one reason or another. If it isn't apparent if somebody is still active, send them a PM or contact the Wiki Manager. Don't shy away from an area of the wiki needing attention, whether it has an active curator or not. Ultimately the goal is to simply improve the wiki's content.

You never need the approval of a curator to participate in editing the UniWiki. Wiki Curators exist to help coordinate editing and improve the overall quality of the UniWiki, and do not claim "ownership" of a given section or article.

How to curate

So you have an interest and would like to become a curator for an area. Now what are you supposed to do?

  • Curators do not need to be an expert on the subject matter (although it certainly helps to at least be familiar with the topic).
  • You do not need to do all the work yourself. For larger topics covering multiple articles, help coordinate other people.
    • Note: Coordinate in-game and in the forum. The "Discussion" pages in the wiki are very rarely checked and most forget they even exist.
  • Review changes made to the relevant pages and help polish them by proofreading, adjusting grammar, adding formatting, or linking text to other pages in the wiki. Feel free to verify the actual information, or ask somebody to double-check if there is any doubt.
    • You can add wiki pages to your Watchlist, which will send an email to you when a watched page changes. You don't have to check every time the page changes, but it can help to know when they do.
  • Encourage others to contribute to the wiki. Wiki Curators are not gatekeepers controlling access, they are facilitators.

Areas in need of a curator

See also: UniWiki:To-Do List

Class Library Curator

One of the most central features to EVE University is our class system, and our audio recordings are organized on this page:

Works in progress

The {{Work in progress}} template is intended to mark articles that are actively being edited by one or more contributors. Applying this template to an article means taking temporary responsibility for the improvement and expansion of that article. It is not simply a means of marking articles that need work; {{update}}, {{cleanup}}, and {{merge}} can be used to indicate that an article needs work or review without committing to that work.

This template should not be left on articles for more than a few days; its presence implies that work on that article represents a priority for its contributor. If you come across an article with this template and the article has not been edited in several days, please remove the template.