A Matter of Decorum

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Sisters of EVE epic arc - The Blood-Stained Stars
Chapter 6 - A Breach of Trust
Previous mission: Certificate of Death
Next mission: New Friends

ObjectiveDeliver Mizara's Doll
Rewards200,000.00 ISK + 26,000.00 ISK (bonus)
Dovirch Anselm
Mission briefing
I would speak with you about your search for Dagan, but first, a matter of decorum. The late Mistress Mizara's parents entrusted the safety of their child to my lord. He has attempted to make amends, but I am afraid my lord can be...indelicate. He would replace their daughter with reparations of gold and ISK. This must be handled with more care.

Take this toy. The mistress first arrived at my lord's estate with nothing to her name but this. As you destroyed her body, it is the only physical connection left in this world that her family will recognize as hers. Deliver this to the family, and with the utmost care. They have already suffered enough.

Amarr society is popularly conceived as hierarchical and old-fashioned. True Amarr are thought to dominate all people they conquer, and treat their own people as little better than cattle. While that can be true in certain cases, the political realities of the Amarr Empire are far too complex to paint the Empire as a wholly evil power.

Bring Mizara's doll to the colony where her family lives, in Tanoo.

You will receive 1 x Mizara's Doll to deliver. Don't forget to put it from your items hangar into your cargo before undocking. Warp to the encounter. You will be placed about 18km away from Mizara Familty Hovel. Aproach it and drop Mizara's Doll into their home. Mission complete. Hopefully, it will help the family in their grieving process.

You can complete this mission remotely. On turn in, Dovrich Anselm says: "Thank you for doing this, my friend. To see others suffer is never easy."