Chasing Shadows

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The Blood-Stained Stars
Chapter 1: Quality of Mercy

1 Beacon Beckons
2 Agent Inquiry
3 Of Interest
4 Retrieving Red
5 Alerting Alitura
6 Jet-Canning a Janitor
7 Chivvying a Chef
8 Delivering a Doctor
9 Engineering a Rescue
10 Going Gallente

Chapter 2: Automaton Impediment

11 Studying the Scene
12 Rendering Assistance
13 Lair of the Snakes
14 Data Retrieval
15 Crossing Enemy Lines

Chapter 3: Shadow Puppets

16 Passive Observation
17 House of Records
18 Mercenary Distractions
19 An Economy Under Threat
20 Every Drone Inside
21 A Sense of Dread

Chapter 4: Queens And Drones

22 Royal Jelly
23 Nature Pictures
24 Tracking or Scanning
25a Tracking the Queen (Part 1)
26a Tracking the Queen (Part 2)
27a Tracking the Queen (Part 3)
25b Bag of Blood
26b Planting the Body
27b Chasing a Nightmare
28 Burning Down the Hive
29 It's Not Over Yet

Chapter 5: Shifting Foundations

30 An Eye on Everything
31 The Uses of Force
32 Goading the Leader
33 Hunting the Lieutenants
34 Valuable Cargo
35 Marked for Death
36 Thwarting the Succession
37 Certificate of Death

Chapter 6: A Breach of Trust

38 A Matter of Decorum
39 New Friends
40 Recovery
41 Of Quiet Nights Long Past
42 Revelations
43 A Call to Trial
44 Brothers and Sisters

Chapter 7: Closing In

45 A Stranger's Face
46 The Sisters and the Spy
47 Sealing the Deal
48 Chasing Shadows
49 The Missing Piece
50 Our Man Dagan
51 Dal Segno Al Fine

ObjectiveRetrieve Kritsan Parthus
Best damage to dealKinetic damage KinThermal damage Th
Damage to resistKinetic damage KinThermal damage Th
Rewards250,000 ISK + ~185,000 ISK (bonus)
Mission briefing
Our agent hasn’t been able to determine where Dagan is. But in decoding her sensory data, we managed to pick up a clue. An Amarr pilot named Kritsan Parthus recently delivered a cargo of drone parts to Dagan. These parts were black market, and may have been scavenged from some of your recent battles. We contacted Parthus. He’s an independent operator, but wouldn’t see the light. We’ve managed to locate him by tracing his communications signals. Unfortunately, it will be necessary for you to bring him in for a meeting under duress. Our archive data suggests that Parthus will travel with a small contingent of support ships. Identify his command vessel, destroy it, and retrieve him from his pod. Bring him to me, personally.

This is the second difficult mission of the epic arc. It is similar in difficulty to Mission 28: Burning Down the Hive.

Kritsan Parthus is flying an Independent Harbinger (Battlecruiser), escorted by five Mercenary Rookie frigates. Parthus' ship will neut (drain your capacitor) if you get too close. It appears to have a range of 30km. He will also tracking disrupt your ship.

Kritsan Parthus has 30% EM resistance and 50% KIN resistance, so EM damage towards that cruiser is recommended.

How do I survive?

As before, fit your ship properly, and use the correct tactics.

If you want stay at long distance away from Parthus and use drones or missiles to take him out, then fit a Minmatar frigate with Projectiles and Rockets.
Alternatively, you could use a Epic Arc Dagan Killer fitting or a fast frigate like a Rifter with one or two 'Overdrive Injector System I' to quickly close in the distance with an afterburner.


Destroy the escorts first. Lead them away from Parthus by manually piloting your ship. Double left click to fly the ship in a specific direction. Once you destroy the five escorts another three Mercenary Fighters will spawn. No more Fighters will spawn after they are eliminated.

After dealing with the escorts it is time to deal with Parthus. Depending on your ship, either stay at maximum range or fire your afterburners to close in quickly. When you are in 500m orbit around Parthus turn off your afterburner and start shooting. If you are at long range send your drones or fire your missiles.

(2020-10-06 Update: It is possible to pop the Battlecruiser and ignore the others, but you'll need a ship with a lot of shields and armour to absorb the incoming fire. Doing this will not spawn the additional three mercenary fighters, and as soon as you kill the Battlecruiser, the item you need is automatically deposited to your cargo hold. There is no need to loot the wreck. Kritsan Parthus's Energy neut is 100 GJ every ten seconds.)


After you blow up Parthus' ship, you'll hear from another new agent - Amarr, this time: "That’s an Amarr citizen you’ve kidnapped, pilot. But if I understand your motives correctly, we can overlook that. Once you’ve extracted Dagan’s location, we’ll help you bring the hammer of God down on that bastard." No one likes Dagan, it seems! Loot and return Parthus to Sister Alitura.

On turn in, Sister Alitura says: "I’ll handle questioning Parthus. Rest assured, he will be treated humanely, and compensated well."

Wave 1

Frigate 5 x Frigate Mercenary Rookie Last one triggers wave 2
Battlecruiser 1 x Battlecruiser Kritsan Parthus Mission completion trigger Energy Neutralizer Tracking Disruptor Kritsan Parthus and meta modules

Wave 2

Frigate 3 x Frigate Mercenary Fighter