The Blood-Stained Stars/Chapter 7 - Closing In

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Mission 45 - A Stranger's Face

ObjectiveDeliver Altered Identity Records
Rewards250,000.00 ISK + 115,000.00 ISK (bonus)
Mission briefing
Your anger is understandable, but we’ve got more reason to cooperate than to quarrel. Dagan’s your real enemy. You’ll be interested to know that some of his corpmates have been spotted at a nearby station. We’ve prepared an agent to gain their confidence and extract information on their further operations. To you, she’ll be Tahaki Karin, a ship’s engineer from the Damsel. Before our operative can infiltrate Dagan’s group, Karin’s identity records will need to be altered. Take these records to an archive station. Once they’re updated there, our friends will make sure they’re changed throughout the entire network.

Put the 1 x Altered Identity Records (1.0 m³) in your ship's cargo hold, and transport it to Aydoteaux VII - Moon 20 - Bank of Luminaire Investment Bank station - 4 high sec jumps away.

Uneventful courier mission. Easy peasy. After dropping off your cargo and completing the mission, fly back to Arnon.

On turn in, Sister Alitura says: "Excellent work, pilot. The altered records are being distributed as we speak."

Mission 46 - The Sisters and the Spy

ObjectiveDeliver Tahaki Karin
Rewards250,000.00 ISK + 46,000.00 ISK (bonus)
Mission briefing
With those records replaced, our agent is Tahaki Karin.

What happened to the real one? Electronically speaking, she's a non-person. She's alive and safe, though; if she wanted better, she shouldn't have joined the Society. Now, we need to get our Karin into place. I've filed a travel request in her name, which the Society has granted. All you need to do is rendezvous with a Society transport and drop her off.

Once that's done, we just have to wait for her to tell us where Dagan is.

Deliver Tahaki Karin to the SoCT Luxury Spaceliner at the designated location in Arnon.

Another uneventful courier mission. Don't forget to load your cargo before you depart the station. After dropping off your cargo in the SoCT Luxury Spaceliner, you'll get a pop-up message from a new agent, Kitar Ang, who will tell you: "Republic intelligence tells me you might have a lead on our prodigal son, Dagan. He needs to be taken down for everyone’s good. The Republic will watch your back." Return to Sister Alitura for the next mission.

On turn in, Sister Alitura says: "Well done, capsuleer. I believe Karin has begun transmitting data already."

Mission 47 - Sealing the Deal

ObjectiveDestroy the Society spy ship
FactionSociety of Consious Thought
Best damage to dealKinetic damage KinThermal damage Th
Damage to resistKinetic damage KinThermal damage Th
Rewards250,000.00 ISK + 100,000.00 ISK (bonus)
ExtraNo standing loss
Mission briefing
Karin’s information is still coming in. But if you really want to find Dagan, you’re going to have to help us deal with a little problem. The Society of Conscious Thought has deployed a refitted cruiser, the Omnipresence, nearby… with a substantial escort. We think they may be recording our local communications. If they are, there’s a good chance they’ll be able to decipher them, and root out our agent. The Society will certainly murder our sister if they uncover her identity. We need you to locate the Omnipresence, and destroy her. If necessary, engage her escort, but try not to destroy them. The loss of human life would be catastrophic.

Destroy the Society spy ship at the designated location in Arnon.

When you arrive at the mission location, find the Society Spy, an Independent Green-Crewed Vexor - this is the ship you want to destroy. Ignore the 8 frigates. After you destroy this ship, the frigates will de-spawn and you'll get a pop-up message from another agent, Adani Yusev: "I’m Adani Yusev from Ishukone internal security. We’ve been monitoring data traffic between you and the Servant Sisters of Eve. No, don’t get excited. We’re all on the same side, here. The State will help you get Dagan… as long as you hand him over to us once you’ve got him." Seems like all of the different factions want Dagan!

On turn in, Sister Alitura says: "Excellent work. The Omnipresence has been destroyed, and there’s no indication that she managed to inform her Society masters. We’ll be resuming contact with Karin immediately."

Wave 1

Frigate 7 x Frigate Society Escort
Cruiser 1 x Cruiser Society Spy

Mission 48 - Chasing Shadows

ObjectiveRetrieve Kritsan Parthus
Best damage to dealElectromagnetic damage EMThermal damage Th
Damage to resistElectromagnetic damage EMThermal damage Th
Rewards250,000.00 ISK + 181,000.00 ISK (bonus)
Mission briefing
Our agent hasn’t been able to determine where Dagan is. But in decoding her sensory data, we managed to pick up a clue. An Amarr pilot named Kritsan Parthus recently delivered a cargo of drone parts to Dagan. These parts were black market, and may have been scavenged from some of your recent battles. We contacted Parthus. He’s an independent operator, but wouldn’t see the light. We’ve managed to locate him by tracing his communications signals. Unfortunately, it will be necessary for you to bring him in for a meeting under duress. Our archive data suggests that Parthus will travel with a small contingent of support ships. Identify his command vessel, destroy it, and retrieve him from his pod. Bring him to me, personally.

Eliminate the squadron and bring Kritsan Parthus back for interrogation.

Fly to the designated mission location. You'll see Kritsan Parthus in an Independent Harbinger (Battlecruiser), escorted by five Mercenary Rookie frigates. Beware: Parthus' ship will neut you if you get too close - orbit at a distance and kite him, or use drones or missiles to take him out. Another alternative is to speed tank him close range (orbit at 500m) in a fitted and fast frigate like a Rifter with one or two 'Overdrive Injector System I' (my 10-day old char was able to pull this off). Even with 0 cap, a Minmatar frigate can still pound him with Projectiles and Rockets.

You may/should have to destroy his escorts first. Once you destroy the 5 escorts another three Mercenary Fighters will spawn. Killing the Fighters will be the end of spawns. After you blow up Parthus' ship, you'll hear from another new agent - Amarr, this time: "That’s an Amarr citizen you’ve kidnapped, pilot. But if I understand your motives correctly, we can overlook that. Once you’ve extracted Dagan’s location, we’ll help you bring the hammer of God down on that bastard." No one likes Dagan, it seems! Loot and return Parthus to Sister Alitura.

On turn in, Sister Alitura says: "I’ll handle questioning Parthus. Rest assured, he will be treated humanely, and compensated well."

Wave 1

Frigate 5 x Frigate Mercenary Rookie Last one triggers wave 2
Battlecruiser 1 x Battlecruiser Kritsan Parthus Mission completion trigger Energy Neutralizer Kritsan Parthus and meta modules

Wave 2

Frigate 3 x Frigate Mercenary Fighter

Mission 49 - The Missing Piece

ObjectiveChoose your path and report to the selected agent
Rewards250,000.00 ISK + 180,000.00 ISK (bonus)
Mission briefing
We've finally determined Dagan's location. It appears that he's outfitting another expedition. If he successfully acquires more of those drones – and worse, maintains control of them – he and his clients will be able to wreak terrible destruction across the cluster. I'm sure you can take out Dagan yourself, but it looks like he's hired some muscle. You've made some imperial contacts, yes? They might be able to clear a path for you to engage Dagan.

The empires will want Dagan not just for justice, but for his knowledge. Accept their help, but consider delivering him into our merciful hands, instead. We'll spare him… and make sure his knowledge does no harm. You have to make a choice between the Empires: Which one do you want to help you in taking down Dagan?

The Gallente Commander >>
The Gallente Federation have sent commander Brus Colterne to Sheroo as your contact. Colterne is an idealist, but effective. You will find him a reliable ally.

The Minmatar Commander >>
Kitar Ang, a veteran of the Minmatar Republic Fleet, awaits you in Avyuh. She is a brilliant tactician, if impatient.

The Caldari Commander >>
Adani Yusev, a contractor with Ishukone, is eager to speak with you in Sosh. I've heard he is the very model of an efficient Caldari soldier.

The Amarr Commander >>
The Amarr Empire has sent Lear Evanus, a commander of some fame, to Manarq. She is a firm defender of the Amarr faith. Her zeal will prove effective against Dagan.

Report to the agent that you selected.


Note: After completing the arc, you will receive a substantial faction standing increase with the race you select - so choose wisely!

Mission 50 - Our Man Dagan

ObjectiveKill Dagan
Best damage to dealExplosive damage ExKinetic damage Kin
Damage to resistExplosive damage ExKinetic damage Kin
Rewards250,000.00 ISK + 178,000.00 ISK (bonus)
Mission briefing
Shall we begin?

While we regret the need to trouble an Imperial citizen, we imagine that confession was good for his soul. We have dispatched an assault group to eliminate his allies. They will clear your way so that you may strike Dagan down.

Your selected agent will tell you to fly to the designated location to take out Dagan.

Destroy Dagan's ship, then capture him in his pod, and bring him to the agent.

This is it, finally. Dispatch the 4 escorts first. Dagan is a tough opponent, and he'll be flying an exotic Society of Conscious Thought battlecruiser: a Gnosis. You will want a larger ship, at least a destroyer - a cruiser is even better - or something with heavy firepower. Dagan's tank is tough and will take a long time to bring down. Orbit him constantly, and keep bringing on the hurt, and eventually, you can wear him down. After blowing up his ship, don't forget to retrieve Dagan from his container, and then return him to your agent. Dagan's ship repairs its shields and armor at about 100HP/s, so with a ship that was doing 100 dps, it's a stalemate.

Wave 1

Frigate 4 x Frigate Dagan's Escort
Cruiser 1 x Cruiser Dagan Target Painter Dagan

Mission 51 - Dal Segno Al Fine

ObjectiveDeliver Dagan to the authorities
Rewards1 million ISK + 7% Faction standing gain to the previously selected faction
Mission briefing
As per our agreement with the Sisters of Eve, we will turn Dagan over to their care. A Sisters of Eve ship awaits his delivery. Sister Alitura assures me Dagan will be treated humanely.

Warp to the acceleration gate and take it. You will see an Armageddon, a Tempest, a Raven, and a Dominix. You'll also see a drone hive in the distance. Drop Dagan off into the Cargo Wreathe and you are finished with the arc. There are no enemies to fight for this final mission. But be sure to watch what happens to the drone hive nearby after you drop Dagan into the prison transport. Fly back to your selected agent to turn in the mission and complete the arc.

After turning your final mission, you'll get something similar to this dialogue: "The rogue drones did what? That's the damndest thing. I've heard that they can think for themselves, but I've never heard of them just watching like that. There's something much larger going on than we realize. Regardless, you've been a tremendous help. Whether you continue your efforts defending the Empires or forge your own empires with your fellow capsuleers in the depths of lawless space, know that you have proven your worth as a demigod."

Depending on what faction you selected in mission 49, you will receive a base +7% faction standing increase. (This standing increase will be higher if you have trained Social, up to a maximum increase of 8.75%.)

Congratulations! You've finished the Sisters of EVE epic arc!

As noted above, you can repeat this arc every three months. Because of the option to select which faction will give the standing increase, repeating The Blood-Stained Stars can be an effective tool for repairing low standing with a faction.


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