An Economy Under Threat

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Sisters of EVE epic arc - The Blood-Stained Stars
Chapter 3 - Shadow Puppets
Previous mission: Mercenary Distractions
Next mission: Every Drone Inside

ObjectiveDeliver Farming Supplies (150 m³)
Rewards100,000.00 ISK + 63,000.00 ISK (bonus)
Mission briefing
Damn Vitamala! He wasn’t coordinating with the Navy’s emergency logistics division. There’s a colony nearby that missed a shipment of farming supplies thanks to the chaos caused by these drones. If we don’t make the delivery ourselves, then we risk their entire agricultural economy. Once you take these goods over to our fleet, they will deal with the rest; we can finally turn our focus towards the underlying cause of all these problems. You will need at least 150 m³ of cargo space to make the delivery. Keep that in mind.

The Caldari Mindset
Despite the existence of several popular political ideologies, financial concerns are the primary driving force among the Caldari people. Although the Federation often tries to paint the Caldari as soulless capitalists, most Caldari view any economic concerns as an extension of their pragmatic mindset, not as an inherent love for money.

Deliver 1 x Farming Supplies (150 m³) to the storage warehouse in Hatakani.

This is a simple courier mission. Check your cargo hold - the farming supplies require 150 cubic meters as warned by Agent Asaka. You'll warp to an acceleration gate. After activating the gate, you'll arrive in a deadspace room - the Storage Warehouse container will be 16km away.

You'll get a message from Asaka: The Caldari forces look far better prepared this time around. “Anti-support” Frigates and Cruisers flank their larger allies, standing ready and able to deal with any smaller hostiles that come their way. If these drones try to escape, the faster and more agile ones won’t slip past the amassed fleet so easily now.

The rogue drones won't bother you if you don't bother them. Simply travel to the warehouse and drop your cargo into it. Your mission objectives will then be fulfilled. You can complete the mission remotely - you'll then receive this message from Agent Asaka: Yes, I just received word from the colony. They should be able to stick to their production schedule, which is great news. Thank you, pilot, you’ve done the Caldari people a great service today. If you need any further help with your drone investigation, just say the word.