A Stranger's Face

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Sisters of EVE epic arc - The Blood-Stained Stars
Chapter 7 - Closing In
Previous mission: Brothers and Sisters
Next mission: The Sisters and the Spy

ObjectiveDeliver Altered Identity Records
Rewards250,000.00 ISK + 115,000.00 ISK (bonus)
Mission briefing
Your anger is understandable, but we’ve got more reason to cooperate than to quarrel. Dagan’s your real enemy. You’ll be interested to know that some of his corpmates have been spotted at a nearby station. We’ve prepared an agent to gain their confidence and extract information on their further operations. To you, she’ll be Tahaki Karin, a ship’s engineer from the Damsel. Before our operative can infiltrate Dagan’s group, Karin’s identity records will need to be altered. Take these records to an archive station. Once they’re updated there, our friends will make sure they’re changed throughout the entire network.

Put the 1 x Altered Identity Records (1.0 m³) in your ship's cargo hold, and transport it to Aydoteaux VII - Moon 20 - Bank of Luminaire Investment Bank station - 4 high sec jumps away.

Uneventful courier mission. Easy peasy. After dropping off your cargo and completing the mission, fly back to Arnon.

On turn in, Sister Alitura says: "Excellent work, pilot. The altered records are being distributed as we speak."