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The Blood-Stained Stars
Chapter 1: Quality of Mercy

1 Beacon Beckons
2 Agent Inquiry
3 Of Interest
4 Retrieving Red
5 Alerting Alitura
6 Jet-Canning a Janitor
7 Chivvying a Chef
8 Delivering a Doctor
9 Engineering a Rescue
10 Going Gallente

Chapter 2: Automaton Impediment

11 Studying the Scene
12 Rendering Assistance
13 Lair of the Snakes
14 Data Retrieval
15 Crossing Enemy Lines

Chapter 3: Shadow Puppets

16 Passive Observation
17 House of Records
18 Mercenary Distractions
19 An Economy Under Threat
20 Every Drone Inside
21 A Sense of Dread

Chapter 4: Queens And Drones

22 Royal Jelly
23 Nature Pictures
24 Tracking or Scanning
25a Tracking the Queen (Part 1)
26a Tracking the Queen (Part 2)
27a Tracking the Queen (Part 3)
25b Bag of Blood
26b Planting the Body
27b Chasing a Nightmare
28 Burning Down the Hive
29 It's Not Over Yet

Chapter 5: Shifting Foundations

30 An Eye on Everything
31 The Uses of Force
32 Goading the Leader
33 Hunting the Lieutenants
34 Valuable Cargo
35 Marked for Death
36 Thwarting the Succession
37 Certificate of Death

Chapter 6: A Breach of Trust

38 A Matter of Decorum
39 New Friends
40 Recovery
41 Of Quiet Nights Long Past
42 Revelations
43 A Call to Trial
44 Brothers and Sisters

Chapter 7: Closing In

45 A Stranger's Face
46 The Sisters and the Spy
47 Sealing the Deal
48 Chasing Shadows
49 The Missing Piece
50 Our Man Dagan
51 Dal Segno Al Fine

ObjectiveRetrieve Mysterious Statuette
FactionBlood Raiders
Best damage to dealElectromagnetic damage EMThermal damage Th
Damage to resistElectromagnetic damage EMThermal damage Th
Rewards200,000 ISK + ~185,000 ISK (bonus)
ExtraRelic analyzing
Doctor Canius
Mission briefing
Dead, is she? Damn. I was fond of her, and not in Taphos's way, mind you.

Yeah, I know. “He was purely her protector and patron, to mold her and shape her for a life of dedicated service to God and Empire.” Listen, I've been studying human history for a long while, and a platonic patronage between a “Lord” and “Mistress” hasn't happened since the time when the Reclaiming just involved stabbing our heathen neighbors with pointy sticks. But if that was all that was goin' on, nobody would fuss.

But that's enough story-time for now. You want more; you'll have to do somethin' for me. Hell, you don't want to hear more; you still have to do somethin' for me. Don't worry, it's real simple.

There's a dig site a little ways from here: a small cluster of asteroids, containing artifacts from some of the first Amarr space lanes. I know there's at least one good piece left, but every time I hire a team, they get driven off by pirates. All you have to do is go in, get that artifact, and return it to me without dying.

Acquire 1 x Mysterious Statuette (1.0 m³), and drop it off at Doctor Canius' station at Lisudeh IV - Moon 4 - Theology Council Tribunal.

You will be given the relic analyzer so you don't need to bring your own.

Fit the Civilian Analyzer before departing. Fly to the designated site in Lisudeh and recover the artifact from the dig site using the analyzer module. You will have to fend off several Blood Raider rats in the dig site. After you destroyed them all you will need to target lock the Ancient Tomb Dig Site and activate the Civilian Analyzer. Once the hack is complete you can open its cargo and loot 1x Mysterious Statuette. That completes the mission. Return to Doctor Canius.
This may be your first attempt at the Hacking minigame. The wiki link will explain everything you need to know about this feature within Eve. The design of this particular hack seems to be awkward - if you hit more than one firewall (there's two in total) then you're unlikely to be able to hack the System Core as well (which you need to hack in order to get the required item for the mission). The good news is that you can repeat the hack attempt as often as you need until you succeed. It also serves as a gentle introduction to hacking, which can be a profitable part of Eve.

(Update 6/10/2020: Frigate for me was a Corpii Seeker or Collector, both with tracking disrupt. In three runs, had: 3 cruisers, 1 frigate; 2 destroyers, 1 cruiser, 2 frigates; 2 cruisers, 2 destroyers, 1 frigate. In all three, the frigates did not spawn until after one initial ship was destroyed. All frigates had tracking disrupt.

You can hack the relic can before you kill the guards, but you cannot open it until they are killed. Can also use any Relic Analyzer, does not have to be the provided Civilian.

Note that if you directly approach the relic can from warp-in, you will likely bounce off of a rock formation.)

On turn in, Doctor Canius says: "Blood Raiders? You're lucky you lived. They're psychotic and bloodthirsty, literally. Their sect believes purity can only be reached by consuming blood, and clone blood are purest of all. I'm afraid that makes you Capsuleers their favorite snack. But you're alive, and you've got the artifact, so we're good."


Frigate 1 x Frigate Corpii Collector
Destroyer 1 x Destroyer Corpior Visionary
Cruiser 2 x Cruiser Corpum Arch Reaver