Beacon Beckons

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Sisters of EVE epic arc - The Blood-Stained Stars
Chapter 1 - Quality of Mercy
A Beacon Beckons is the first mission of The Blood-Stained Stars
Next mission: Agent Inquiry

ObjectiveApproach the wrecked ships
Rewards100,000.00 ISK + bonus 103,000.00 ISK (4h 26m)
Sister Alitura
Mission briefing
I ask for help, and they send me a capsuleer.

You are a capsuleer, aren't you? An immortal pilot who subverts the rules of life and death, who shapes the fate of empires? You'll have to excuse my skepticism.

I work with a humanitarian organization, the Sisters of EVE. I've seen your kind hasten the deaths of millions every day. You expect me to believe that you're different? To prove yourself, your actions will have to do the talking.

We've just received a distress call from a ship called the Damsel, and you're the closest aid available right now. Get out there and save some lives. Prove to me you're not just another murderous liar with a god complex. With all the power at your disposal, you certainly could be a force for good. And one thing is certain: Good is in dire need of allies these days.

To start the mission go to Arnon IX - Moon 3 and dock up at the Sisters of EVE Bureau station. Click on the Agents tab, and start a dialogue with Sister Alitura.

This is a very easy mission - there is no danger of attack. You can do this mission in an unarmed shuttle, in fact. Just fly to the center of the wrecks. Check out the dreadnought wrecks - they're interesting to see. You can complete this mission remotely when you achieve the objective.

Approach the wrecked ships. Location: 0.8 Manarq

Finding the Damsel - Sometimes objects and entities found in space are not displayed in the default overview settings. Adding "Large Collidable Objects" in Celestials and "Large Collidable Structures" in Entities to the overview can reveal details such as object names.

The mission can be completed remotely and the next mission can be accepted remotely.