Dewy Nebula

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Dewy Nebula is a gas site found by scanning in the null security region of Vale of the Silent.


This site has a couple of Amber Cytoserocin gas clouds containing 3000 units of gas in total. However, it is guarded by Mercenary and Rogue Drone NPCs.

Initial spawn

Sentry 2 x Sentry Siege Autocannon Sentry
Elite Frigate 4 x Elite Frigate Mercenary Wingman Stasis Webifier
Cruiser 8 x Cruiser Mercenary Commander/Lieutenant
Battleship 7 x Battleship Mercenary Overlord
In local (reinforcement 1)
Rogue drones have undocked from the infested stations!
Reinforcement 1

Battlecruiser 3 x Battlecruiser Striker Alvatis
Battleship 4 x Battleship Alvus Queen/Matriarch Alvus

When a gas harvester on your ship finishes cycling, there is a chance to receive 1,000 EM + 1,000 thermal damage.