Polar Bear Nebula

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Polar Bear Nebula
Type Cytoserocin
Subtype Viridian
Location Cloud ringCloud Ring
Units per Cloud 18000
Sum of Units 18000
Cloud Damage Thermal
Guarded ? Yes
Deadspaced ? No
Gas cloud harvesting
Site Details
Polar Bear Nebula
Type COSMOS site
Rating Unrated
Found in Null
Max ship size No limit
Faction Serpentis
Best damage to deal Kinetic damage KinThermal damage Th
Damage to resist Thermal damage ThKinetic damage Kin
Sig. strength Unknown

Polar Bear Nebula is one of those few gas harvesting sites which, like Icy Nebula, is a COSMOS site as well. Therefore, the site is heavily guarded by pirate NPCs, but the amount of Minable gas makes it worth running.


The site is defended by Serpentis NPCs, which are also the primary pirate NPCs of the region.

When you approach the area, the Drug Farm Supervisor broadcasts:

In local
"Gather around me men, we must defend the Booster farm and the Viridian Cytoserocin cloud to the last man! I'll flay any deserter alive!"

After that, the following message is broadcasted 12 times when combat attempt is made on the NPCs:

In local (after attacking)
The Overseer has sent repair-bots in all directions, which swiftly repair nearby Core vessels.

When atacking the supervisor the following message is sent:

In local (after attacking the Supervisor)
The Overseer has sent repair-bots in all directions as he is being attacked, which swiftly repair nearby Core vessels.

Single wave

Frigate 1 x Frigate Coreli Guardian Patroller
Battlecruiser 5 x Battlecruiser Corelatis Squad Leader/ Wing Leader / Platoon Leader / Captain Sentry / Captain
Battleship 6 x Battleship Core Vice Admiral / Lord Admiral / Grand Admiral / Flotilla Admiral
Battleship 1 x Battleship Core Drug Farm Supervisor
Sentry 8 x Sentry Serpentis Cruise Missile Battery
Sentry 2 x Sentry Serpentis Siege Blaster Sentry
Sentry 1 x Sentry Serpentis Stasis Tower Stasis Webifier

Minable Gas Clouds

1 Viridian Cytoserocin (18 000 units)


This site is primarily found in Cloud ring region in null-sec.