Frosty Nebula

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This page should be updated due to game changes.
Reason: Review quantities in clouds due to December 2021, Version 19.11 changes

Frosty Nebula
Type Cytoserocin
Subtype Viridian
Location Cloud ringCloud Ring
Units per Cloud 200, 800
Sum of Units 1000
Cloud Damage None
Guarded ? Yes
Deadspaced ? No
Gas cloud harvesting

Frosty Nebula is a gas site found by scanning in the Cloud Ring region.


This site has a couple of Vermillion Cytoserocin gas clouds containing 1000 units of gas in total. However, it is guarded by Core Harvester NPCs. The gas cloud that is surrounded by rock formations will spawn the mentioned rats when you start harvesting them.

Single Wave - After ~15 Minutes

Battleship 3 x Battleship Core Harvester Escort (Core Commodorte)
Hauler 3 x Industrial Core Harvester (Serpentis Transport Ship)
In local
Core Harvester: Look, they're stealing our resources! Stop them!