Murky Nebula

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Murky Nebula
Type Cytoserocin
Subtype Azure
Location Icon corporation.png760-9C constellation of the
Icon corporation.pngWicked Creek Region
Units per Cloud 1500, 1500
Sum of Units 3000
Cloud Damage Yes
Guarded ? No
Deadspaced ? No
Gas cloud harvesting

Murky Nebula is a gas exploration site containing gas used in the production of Medical boosters.

This is a null sec gas site found through Exploration.


  • None

Minable Gas Clouds:

  • 2 Azure Cytoserocin (1500 units each gas cloud)
Azure Cytoserocin is used in the production of the Sooth Sayer Booster.

Clouds are about 200km apart. You are able to warp between them.

This site is found only in the constellation Icon corporation.png760-9C, within the Icon corporation.pngWicked Creekregion of space.