Shimmering Nebula

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Shimmering Nebula is a null sec gas site found through Exploration. Note: Use a combat ship first to clear the NPCs.


First wave

8 Drone Tower Sentry Drone III

Second wave - when you shoot at one of the sentries Message: Hoards of rogue drones emerge from the nearby infested ruins!

8-9 Battleships (Alvus Creator / Alvus Ruler / Patriarch Alvus / Supreme Alvus Parasite)

4-5 Elite Cruiser (Strain Atomizer / Bomber / Disintegrator / Nuker Alvum)

3-4 Battlecruiser (Crippler / Defeater / Enforcer / Exterminator / Striker Alvatis)

Minable Gas Clouds:

1 Amber Cytoserocin cloud (9,000units)

Amber Cytoserocin is used in the production of the Pure Stadard Blue Pill Booster.

This site is found only in the Vale of the Silent region of space. Gas Cloud will periodically do random damage, beware.