Snowy Owl Nebula

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Snowy Owl Nebula
Type Cytoserocin
Subtype Azure
Location Icon corporation.pngWicked Creek Region
Units per Cloud 1000
Sum of Units 1000
Cloud Damage None
Guarded ? Yes
Deadspaced ? No
Gas cloud harvesting

Snowy Owl Nebula is a gas exploration site containing gas used in the production of Medical boosters.

This is a null sec gas site found through Exploration.


After removing around 500 units of gas:
Gistum Harvester: Look, they're stealing gas from our cloud! Get 'em before they get away!

Wave #1

Battleship 3 x Battleship Gist Commander/General
Hauler 3 x Industrial Angel Cartel Transport Ship

Minable Gas Clouds:

1 Azure Cytoserocin (1000 units each gas cloud)

Azure Cytoserocin is used in the production of the Sooth Sayer Booster.

This site is found only in theIcon corporation.pngWicked Creekregion of space.