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When running missions or killing rats in asteroid belts, you can gleam a lot of information is given through the names of the NPC ships you're fighting.

  • The main part of the name indicates the ship class (e.g. frigate, destroyer, cruiser...).
  • The prefix or suffix indicates if the rat is a Commander or an Elite ship
    • Commander Ships: Inflict greater damage and have a better range than a regular rat of the same class.
    • Elite ships inflict greater damage, have a better tank, a higher chance of Stasis Web and Warp Scramble than a regular rat of the same class. Additionally, they have a higher probability of attacking your drones.
  • Every ship also has a "flavor name" (e.g. Ambusher, Raider, Reaver...); all the ships of a given faction, class and role have roughly similar stats and abilities.

Note: This does not mean that only Elite ships can tackle you, it only means they have a higher chance of doing so. This information is intended to give you a general feel for the Rats you'll be facing in missions, for specific information on rats you'll need to look at mission walkthroughs.

Faction Frigate Destroyer Cruiser Battlecruiser Battleship Commander Elite
Angel Cartel Gistii Gistior Gistum Gistatis Gist Domination Arch
Blood Raider Corpii Corpior Corpum Corpatis Corpus Dark Elder
Guristas Pithi Pithior Pithum Pithatis Pith Dread Dire
Sansha's Nation Centii Centior Centum Centatis Centus True Loyal
Serpentis Coreli Corelior Corelum Corealatis Core Shadow Guardian
Rogue Drones Alvi Alvior Alvum Alvatis Alvus Sentient Strain
Amarr Empire Divine
Caldari State Taibu
Gallente Federation Elite
Minmatar Republic Chief

Note: Rogue Drones are the only Faction with a ship class lower than Corvette (like a drone for a drone), this Drone is called an Apis.

  • A Gistii Fugitive or a Gistii Hunter are normal Angel Cartel frigates.
  • A Gistior Domination Defacer is an Angel Cartel Commander destroyer, and a Dark Corpatis Seer is a Blood Raider Commander Battlecruiser.
  • An Arch Gistum Phalanx is an Angel Cartel Elite cruiser, and a Dire Pithi Despoiler is a Guristas Elite frigate.