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ObjectiveRetrieve 1x reports (0.1 ,3)
FactionRogue Drones
Best damage to dealElectromagnetic damage EMThermal damage Th
Damage to resistExplosive damage ExKinetic damage KinThermal damage Th
Mission briefing
Recently a thief stole some valuable documents from a high ranking officer and friend of mine in Intaki Syndicate. These documents are very sensitive and we fear they were stolen by someone working for an enemy of ours. Fortunately, the information stored within the documents was encrypted using the very latest encryption software. The thief probably did not expect this, and we believe the information has not yet been revealed to him or his employer. Should it leak out however then the leader of Intaki Syndicate will be ... less than forgiving. Would you please save my friends career? I have been told by a reliable source of a shady person who docked here yesterday and was spotted near my friends apartment, and is most likely the thief of whom I speak. This person has very recently left this station. I will pay you 142000 Credits if you intercept the thief, destroy his ship if he offers resistance and bring the documents back to me. I know you probably do not want to harm someone who may not be guilty, but I assure you that this scoundrel has a history of criminal offenses within Syndicate. The people of Syndicate will be glad to know of his demise. You have only 24 hours to complete the mission, but he will most likely be located in this very constellation.

Mission: Kill Sangrel Minn, and take the reports (0.1M). The reports will appear next to his wreck in a cargo container. Take back the reports to the agent.

Blitz: Kill Sangrel Minn, loot the Reports from cargo container dropped next to his wreck, warp out.


The mission consists of single ungated pocket.

Mission Info
This is Sangrel Minn's hideout, which is located in the midst of an area

of space infested by rogue drones. Few consider it a coincidence that whenever Sangrel is chased into this area, the pursuers are immediately set up on by a multitude of drone ships.

Initial defenders

Drone 4 x Drone Asmodeus/... Apis Triggers reinforcements
Frigate 2 x Frigate Alvi Splinter/Render
Frigate 1 x Frigate Sangrel Minn Reports


Frigate 1-2 x Frigate Alvi Barracuda/Hunter
Destroyer 1-2 x Destroyer Alvior Shatter

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