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This is intended to be an all-in-one place for new players to visit to understand the vast amount of skills in New Eden and get started with basic skill planning. It will also serve a place for new players to find wiki articles they should know about as new players. Perhaps one day E-Uni will have an official skill plan and I hope I could be a part of it. A large problem with discovering skill plans as a new player is that most Eve Online articles on the internet are outdated or skewed toward an alliance's doctrine. I hope this information, or lack thereof, helps. o7

What are skills and how do they work?

Main article: Skills and Learning

Skills train in real time even when you log offline. The older a player's age the more skills they probably have, but don't be discouraged, it takes over a decade to learn everything in the game and a young specialized character can overcome an older jack-of-all-trades. Skills are trained level 1-5 with level 1 taking the shortest amount of time and level 5 taking the longest. Generally speaking, if you are going to train a skill you should probably train that skill to at least level 2 or 3 to get the most out of it in the quickest time. A level 5 skill takes about 80% of the total time with only about 20% of the benefit.

If you wish to understand more about how skills interact with each other and determine skill prerequisites visit Skill Tree Maps.

More great skill information is located at Support Skills.

Starting Skills

You start with roughly 400,000 skill points (8+ days of training). Back in my day we were gifted Thermodynamics, but you already have it trained. (Another great thing about being a newbro!) If you want to know what other races start with visit Starting Skills.

Neural Remapping

Support skills help new players fly every ship better and mostly need Intelligence/Memory attributes. Players interested in PvP use ship and weapon skills that mostly need Perception/Willpower attributes. Do not remap unless you know what you are doing, you could waste months of training time. For more information on skills and remapping visit Skills and Learning.

Skillbook Name Changes

Eve Online is an old game and things constantly get updated, including skillbook names. Sometimes when looking for skill plans you will see the old names. Here are the ones you will encounter most.

(Old Name --> New Name)

  • Electronics --> CPU Management
  • Engineering --> Power Grid Management
  • Energy Management --> Capacitor Management
  • Energy Systems Operation --> Capacitor Systems Operation
  • Targeting --> Target Management
  • Multitasking --> Advanced Target Management
  • Armor Honeycombing --> Armor Layering
  • Scout Drone Operation --> Drone Avionics
  • EWAR Drone Interfacing --> Advanced Drone Avionics
  • Nanite Control --> Neurotoxin Control

Purchasing Skillbooks

Eventually you will need to purchase skillbooks on the open market at your local Trade Hub. If you are a member of E-Uni you should be very cautious around trade hubs! Some of our enemies see inexperienced players as easy prey. You can lower your risk by using docking and undocking Bookmarks or by creating an out-of-corp Alt Hauler.

Did you know skillbooks are one of the few items seeded on the market by the game developers? You can tell if an item is NPC seeded when the time left until the sell order expires is close to 365 days. Real life players on the other hand are only allowed to put up a sell order for a maximum of 90 days.

E-Uni Member Perks

Free Skillbooks

As a member of E-Uni you can get up to one million ISK worth of free skillbooks per day. If you are interested visit The Skillbook Program.

+3 Implant Program

Did you know as a member of E-Uni you can get cheap +3 Implants? Implants help you train skills faster. If you are interested visit The +3 Implants Program.

E-Uni Campuses & Communities

Meet other new players, gain experience from veterans and have fun blowing stuff up!

High-Sec Campus | Low-Sec Campus | Null-Sec Campus | Wormhole Campus

Project Solitude | Amarr Mining Campus | Incursion Community

Part 1: Basics

This plan is by no means perfect and should be tailored to suit your needs in New Eden. Miners don't need Gunnery skills and PvPers don't need to shoot rocks. If you don't want to use missiles at first you can skip those skills and save the time for something you want to try right now. This plan will help you get a good foundation and prepare you for almost anything Eve can offer.

Learn about the differences between the four main factions and see their basic ship fittings by visiting: Amarr | Caldari | Gallente | Minmatar

You can already be useful in E-Uni fleets from day one by flying ships in our Newbie Doctrine. Don't believe that you need a ton of skill points to be helpful.

If you choose to do the Beginner Career Agents, you should already start accepting those missions.

1A: Getting Started

First, never let your skill queue go empty. Always keep a skill with a very long training time as the last skill to be trained in case you cannot play for a while. CPU Management V or your 'racial' Frigate IV is a good choice. Don't worry about the space, you can fit up to 50 skills in your queue at once.

Optional Skills 1: Dagan Killer

If you finish the Career Agents and want to continue missioning, the SOE Epic arc The Blood-Stained Stars is encouraged. This 50 mission quest-chain will have you visit the four main high-sec territories and is decent ISK for a brand new player. Many new players waiting in the queue to join E-Uni will run this arc to reinforce the basic movement and combat techniques learned from the Career Agents. Some of these missions can be difficult for a new player in a T1 Frigate, so a Destroyer class ship is needed.

The following fit and skills are enough to take down the mission arc's most powerful enemy if you orbit him closely.

  • Minimum required skills:
    • Gallente Frigate III
    • Gallente Destroyer III
    • Small Hybrid Turret III
    • Controlled Bursts II
    • Rapid Firing III
  • Fitting: Catalyst, Dagan Killer
    • H: 8x Anode Light Ion Particle Cannon I
    • M: 5MN Quad LiF Restrained Microwarpdrive
    • M: Eutectic Compact Cap Recharger
    • L: Emergency Damage Control I
    • L: Small 'Accommodation' Vestment Reconstructer I
    • L: Magnetic Vortex Stabilizer I
    • w/ 12000 x Antimatter Charge S

1B: Basic Support Skills

Support Skills will help you fly every ship better by improving your speed, maneuverability, tank, module fitting, and more. These will help broaden the foundation we have built so far and give you a few quality of life skills. Some of these skillbooks are expensive for a new player so don't worry if you cannot afford them yet, just come back and train later.

By now you should start to notice skill training time is going from minutes to hours.

  • Basic Navigation:
    • Acceleration Control III
    • Evasive Maneuvering III
    • Fuel Conservation III
    • High Speed Maneuvering III
    • Warp Drive Operation III
  • More Support:
    • Weapon Upgrades III
    • 'racial' Destroyer III
    • Infomorph Psychology III
    • Infomorph Synchronizing II
    • Jury Rigging III
    • Armor Rigging II
    • Astronautics Rigging II
    • Shield Rigging II
    • Thermodynamics III
  • Basic Targeting
    • Long Range Targeting III
    • Signature Analysis III
    • Target Management III
    • 'racial' Sensor Compensation III
  • Basic Armor Tank:
    • Hull Upgrades IV
    • EM Armor Compensation III
    • Explosive Armor Compensation III
    • Kinetic Armor Compensation III
    • Thermal Armor Compensation III
  • Basic Shield Tank:
    • Shield Management III
    • Shield Operation IV
    • Shield Upgrades III
    • Tactical Shield Manipulation III
    • EM Shield Compensation III
    • Explosive Shield Compensation III
    • Kinetic Shield Compensation III
    • Thermal Shield Compensation III
  • Basic EWAR:
    • Propulsion Jamming II
    • Electronic Warfare III
    • Frequency Modulation II
    • Long Distance Jamming II

Optional Skills 2: Cross Training

In Eve Online, everyone can fly everything...if they have the skills. Train these skills if you want to try another faction's frigates or destroyers right away. Make sure you cross-train your tank skills as well. You will start the game with your own racial frigate and turret trained already.

  • Amarr
    • Amarr Frigate III
    • Amarr Destroyer III
    • Small Energy Turret III
  • Caldari
    • Caldari Frigate III
    • Caldari Destroyer III
    • Small Hybrid Turret III
    • Light Missiles III
    • Rockets III
  • Gallente
    • Gallente Frigate III
    • Gallente Destroyer III
    • Small Hybrid Turret III
  • Minmatar
    • Minmatar Frigate III
    • Minmatar Destroyer III
    • Small Projectile Turret III

Your first skill to V

Even though level V skills take the longest time to train, at some point you will want the extra bonus or need the level V as a prerequisite. It is tough to suggest to a new player to train any skills to level V. There is a huge opportunity cost of missing out on all the other skills that could be trained up in the 5-10 days it could take to finish level V. You should not train a skill to level V unless you know why you are doing so.

  • This is a list of skills you should definitely have in the future and might want to train to level V first:
    • CPU Management V
    • Hull Upgrades V
    • Evasive Maneuvering V
    • Power Grid Management V
    • Drones V

1C: Basic Weapon Systems

If you are interested in PvP or PvE combat you must take advantage of all the bonuses skills can offer. By now you should start to notice skill training time is going from hours to days.

  • Basic Gunnery Skills:
    • Small 'racial' Turret IV
    • Controlled Bursts III
    • Motion Prediction III
    • Rapid Firing III
    • Sharpshooter III
    • Surgical Strike III
    • Trajectory Analysis III
  • Basic Missile Skills:
    • Missile Launcher Operation IV
    • Rockets IV
    • Light Missiles IV
    • Missile Bombardment III
    • Missile Projection III
    • Rapid Launch III
    • Target Navigation Prediction III
    • Warhead Upgrades III
  • Basic Drone Skills:
    • Drones V
    • Drone Avionics IV
    • Drone Interfacing III
    • Light Drone Operation IV
    • Medium Drone Operation III
    • Drone Durability III
    • Drone Navigation III
    • Drone Sharpshooting III

1D: Tank before Gank

Like support skills, tanking skills benefit every ship. Broadly speaking, shield skills are used for PvE and armor skills are used for PvP, but it also depends on which ship you are flying. Amarr and Gallente ships generally armor tank while Caldari ships generally shield tank. Minmatar ships can do either while real players hull tank. If you are unsure what which tank to focus on first, check the traits of the ships you eventually want to fly or expect to fly most often. Regardless, the goal is to get T2 shield tanking and armor tanking finished before training into T2 weapon systems. Dying in a fire creates 0 dps.

Never fit your ship with a dual tank. Pick one or the other.

T2 Shield

  • Skills needed to use T2 shield modules:
    • Shield Operation IV
    • Shield Management III
    • Shield Upgrades IV
    • Tactical Shield Manipulation IV
    • Hull Upgrades IV
    • EM/Explosive/Kinetic/Thermal Shield Compensation III - IV
  • Optional:
    • Shield Compensation III
    • Capacitor Management IV
    • Capacitor Systems Operation IV
    • Shield Management IV

T2 Armor

  • Skills needed to use T2 armor modules:
    • Hull Upgrades V
    • Mechanics IV
    • Repair Systems III - IV
    • EM/Explosive/Kinetic/Thermal Armor Compensation III - IV
  • Optional:
    • Armor Layering III
    • Capacitor Management IV
    • Capacitor Systems Operation IV
  • Add more buffer
    • Shield Management III
    • Shield Operation III

Optional Skills 3: Overheating

  • Advanced Overheating Skills:
    • Thermodynamics IV
    • Mechanics V
    • Nanite Operation III
    • Nanite Interfacing III

Part 2: Specializing

Support & Fitting Skills


(It seems you are one of the unlucky to visit this page in its early stages, so yea there is not much of a skill plan here yet. If you are interested in an older plan that is frigate focused visit Recommended skills for new players. The Minimum plan will help you get started. o7)

Ship Types & Weapon Systems


  • Energy
  • Hybrid
  • Projectile






Your Role in a Fleet

Damage Dealing

Logistics (Shield and Armor Healing)


Fleet Leadership

  • Basic Squad Leader - These skills help you pass down bonuses to the rest of the fleet.
    • Leadership V
    • Wing Commander III

Part 3: Making ISK

Market Trader

  • Trading Info
  • Trade Hubs
  • Market Alt skill plan:
    • Trade IV
    • Retail IV
    • Broker Relations IV
    • Accounting IV
    • Margin Trading IV
    • Marketing III
    • Day Trading III
    • Procurement III
  • Optional Skills to Help Increase Faction Standings:
    • Social III
    • Connections IV


  • Getting Started as an Explorer
  • Basic Null-Sec Explorer Skill Plan:
    • Cloaking III
    • 'racial' Frigate IV
    • Astrometrics IV
    • Archaeology IV
    • Hacking IV
    • Astrometric Acquisition III
    • Astrometric Pinpointing III
    • Astrometric Rangefinding III



  • Basic Mission Runner Skill Plan
    • Social III
    • Connections IV
    • Negotiation III
    • 'racial' Battleship III
    • Large 'racial' Turret III

Incursion Runner

Part 4: Planning for the Future

3rd Party Tools