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This article is deprecated and no longer in use. There is no replacement information available.


The original diagrams on this page were created by Clint Bartowski, these are now being replaced by updated versions created by Acyclic Tau. If you have any suggestions for the new diagrams please contact Acyclic Tau via Forum PM or EVE Mail. Where Clint's versions have been replaced, a link has been placed under the new diagram so these can still be accessed. The previous version of this page is still avaialble.

The new diagrams are created using a combination of graphviz, python (pytdot) and a MySQL database. All of the Skills and inter-skill links are stored in the database making maintenances relatively easy. If you would like the code and data to generate these yourself again please contact Acyclic Tau.


These skill tree maps are designed to give a quick visual reference for how the core skills lead to the other various skills in the game. Simply find the core skill you are interested in, and follow the dependencies until you reach the desired skill, and train away!

Obviously the skills in Eve are quite complex, and many advanced skills have prerequisites in multiple trees. Please use these as a tool to get a feel for what you need to get started towards where you are trying to go.

Core Skill Trees

The core skills to be mapped on this page are:

How to Read the Skill Trees

Skills key.png

All skills have 5 levels, some of these are not shown for clarity as all subsequent skill levels are only dependent on the previous level of that skill.

  • Blue core skill denotes the primary trunk of the tree, in most cases showing levels I to V.
  • White skills denote a skill that is directly in the skill branch
  • Red skills are prerequisites that originate from a different skill tree.

For the inter-skill dependencies the following applies:

  • Blue arrows denote a direct dependence on the core skill of the skill branch.
  • Green arrows denote a link between skills in the same skill branch.
  • Red arrows denote a dependency on an out of skill branch skill.
  • White arrows denote a link between two levels of the same skill.

Skill Trees

Please be concious of the fact that some of the diagrams contain too much detail to be displayed on this page without being scaled down, in some cases this makes them unreadable.

The full size versions of all the images are uploaded to the wiki, by viewing the image directly you can then zoom in to view details you may not be able to read in the thumb-nailed versions. The easiest way to do this is to click on the image (to view the image details) then click the image again, at this point you can use your browsers zoom settings to zoom in.

Do not right click on the thumbnail and click 'View Image' as you may view a scaled down version of the image and not be able to zoom in.


A new skill group introduced in Odessy 1.1

SkillsArmor acy.png

Corporation Management

Note that although Anchoring falls under the Corporation Management category, it has no prerequisites!

Acy graphviz corp management.png

The previous Skill Tree has been retired due to some inaccuracies. You may need to view diagram individually for it to be visible. The length of this tree is due to the linear nature of the tree with.


Acy graphviz drones.png

The previous Skill Tree has been retired due to some inaccuracies.

Electronic Systems

SkillsElectronic Systems.png


Acy graphviz engineering.png

For reference the previous version is still available.


While the gunnery tree looks very complicated it should be noted that there a few major inter-linking branches on for each weapon type: hybrids, projectiles and lasers. To see each branch in a seperate diagram see the Skill Tree Gunnery Maps page.

Acy graphviz gunnery.png


This skill group was removed in Odyssey 1..1


Acy graphviz leadership.png

Previous graph here


This skill group was removed in Odyssey 1.1

Missile Launcher Operation

Acy graphviz missile launcher operations.png

Previous version located here


Updated for Odyssey 1.1

Acy graphviz navigation.png

Neural Enhancement

Added in Odyssey 1.1

SkillsNeural Enhancement.png

Planet Management

A very simple tree, with few dependencies.

Acy graphviz planet management.png


A new skill group introduced in Odyssey 1.1.

SkillsProduction acy.png

Resource Processing

A new skill group introduced in Odyssey 1.1.

SkillsResource Processing.png


A new skill group introduced in Odyssey 1.1.



A new skill group introduced in Odyssey 1.1.



Updated for Odyssey 1.1

Acy graphviz science.png


A new skill group introduced in Odyssey 1.1.



Acy graphviz social.png

Spaceship Command

  • This tree is currently wrong due to me (Acyclic Tau) parsing the XML incorrectly. This will be updated shortly. Command Ship requirements are currently incorrect.

  • Racial ship type varieties are included here as examples, it should be noted there are 4 of each (Amarr, Caldari, Gallente, Minmatar). All Skill trees for each Race are identical.
  • Please note that the skills required to learn a given ship skill are not always the same as those required to actually fly a ship of that type. For example, to learn Assault Frigates requires Spaceship Command III, Engineering V and Mechanics V, but to fly an [Ishkur]] (A Gallente Assault Frigate) also requires Gallente Frigate V.

Note: This is not corrected yet for the changes to Skill Trees and Skill Names made in Odyssey 1.1.

Acy graphviz spaceship command.png

Previously Published Graph


  • These skills are primarily required for Strategic Cruisers. Again due to the racial nature of each skill, and each racial having the same requirements, the skills are grouped. Consider there to be four identical diagrams, one for each race.
Acy graphviz subsystems.png


A new skill group introduced in Odyssey 1.1.



Contracting and Corporation Contracting are "off chart" skills, having no Trade Prerequisites, but are included under the Trade heading in-game so they are included here.

Acy graphviz trade.png

Previous version of this graph can be found here