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The wormhole campus is a section of EVE University dedicated to educating students about wormhole life. It is currently based out of a
C2 wormhole with both a highsec static (allowing easy access to kspace for classes and logistics) and a C3 static (for ISK making and PvP opportunities).

Location: J211936

Time: 23/7

In-Game Chat Channel: WHC.E-Uni

Mailing list: WHC.E-Uni (accessible only to approved campus members)



Camp Coordinator
Sylvanium Orlenard

Camp Liasons
Larsen Knight
Pitheas Attikos
zar dada

Hangar Assistants
Izanami Pacht-Feng

The WHC is overseen by the Director of Special Projects. In the event of other issues or problems with people please contact the Student Advocate.

Joining the WHC

Once you have met the requirements below and are ready to try out wormhole life, follow the instructions below to be invited to join the WHC.

NOTE: Due to limited space for the storage of ships and equipment, there is a chance that the campus will not be accepting applications at the current time. Do not lose hope, we aim for a continuous turnover of occupants, and as long as the campus is successful, infrastructure will continue to go up increasing our maximum occupancy.

  • Fill out this form
  • Join WHC.E-UNI chat and ask to speak with a WHC Liason about your application.

Minimum Requirements



Ships to Bring

Important: Due to the dangerous nature of PvE and PvP in w-space, and the mechanics of Ship Maintenance Arrays allowing access to all ships in storage, any ship and pod brought into the campus is to be considered lost or stolen. Do not fly what you can't replace.

Also, keep in mind that WSOP is in effect and any sufficiently shiny loss to a war target is grounds for the X title and removal from the WHC. Lack of local and not knowing they are in system is not a valid excuse.

The below are merely suggestions for being useful during your first few weeks in system without investing too many resources in the endeavor. Once you are more comfortable with day-to-day operations and better understand the risks involved, you may consider bringing in more specialized or expensive ships and equipment.

Recommended Skills & Ships

Skill Minimum level Recommended level Why?
Astrometrics 3 4 Each level of astrometrics improves your ability to scan.
Astrometric Rangefinding 0 3 Each level increases your scan strength.
Astrometric Pinpointing 0 3 Each level reduces scan deviation on results
Battlecruiser 3 4 Apart from HACs and Strategic Cruisers BCs are the best ships to fly in wormholes.
Salvaging 0 4 Sleeper Battleships require IV. Note that salvage rigs increase salvaging efficiency by one skill level each.
Hacking 0 4 Data Codebreakers Are used in Data sites, the skill increases the HP [Hit points] of your virus.
Archaeology 0 4 Relic Analyzers Are used in Relic sites, the skill increases the HP [Hit points] of your virus.
Covert Ops 1 4 To be able to Cloak while scanning and also to make the CPU requirements less.
Ship Role Support skills
T1 Exploration Frigate Scanning/picketing <Racial> frigate 3; Cloaking 1
Covert Operations Frigate Scanning/scouting Covert Operations 4; Cloaking 4
Battlecruiser Combat Battlecruiser 3; Varies

What Can I Do in WHC?

  • Scan, scan, scan! Everything in W-space needs to be scanned down. Probe the chain, scout new connections, observe our neighbours, picket a hole if you are not doing anything. Do not sit at the POS and wait for stuff to happen, content, whether PvP or PvE is created by You!
  • PvE
  • PvP
    • Baiting
    • Practice Combat Probing
    • Ganking clueless daytrippers
    • Experiencing what the lack of local chat or static gates does to PvP
    • Use k-space exits as covert bridges to engage in sudden non-consentual PvP
  • Industry
  • Experience lawless and uncharted space
    • Learn how to live without stations
    • Bubbles
    • Lack of gate mechanics
    • Wormhole Manipulation(ex: rolling statics)

Campus Rules, Procedures and Etiquette


  • Members active in the campus must be in the WHC fleet. If there is no fleet advertised, you may form one, and put up an advert so others may join.
  • Members active in the campus must be in mumble, at least able to listen. (if you are hearing impaired, let us know)
    • Wormhole Campus mumble is an event chat, so you may join mumble if you are not actively participating in the fleet, however you MUST follow combat comms when active.
  • Help your fellow campers learn. This is an on-going educational event. Lesson opportunities override all else.
  • Adhere to all EVE University Rules and WSOP.
  • Fly what you can afford to lose.


  • PvE loot is property of the group who agree to rat or run sites together.
  • The campus offers a loot hauling and selling service at a 5% cut which goes to fuel and other operational needs. See below for more info.


  • Announce activations
  • Don't take ships with a NO in their title
  • Don't put unassembled cans in the CHA
  • If you blow up someones ship you have to replace it
  • Don't run all the anoms in innuendo
  • Announce PvP to the Sleeper room


  • Campus communications are by default “OPEN COMMS”.
  • You may not enter the Wormhole Campus Mumble Channel unless you are a campus member, Eve Uni Staff, Manager or Director. You will most likely be asked to leave and then kicked.
  • When first entering the campus mumble, please wait at least a full minute before speaking, unless it is very urgent.
  • Campus may move to “Open Command” or "Closed Comms" if there is a threat in the immediate location or if a local QRF has formed.
  • Groups of students operating in the Wormhole chain may remain in the main campus mumble.
  • Operations in Known Space must move to a separate ILN Fleet mumble channel. Moving to a separate fleet from the campus is recommended but not required.
  • We operate on a "built for purpose" foundation. If you are hunting someone in particular, or are operating a constant operation hunting targets, join a separate mumble channel (or fleet as a whole) until you accomplish your goal or disband the initiative. This helps organize our fleet and keep comms clear for those who need it.

Assembling Ships

  • Ensure that the CHA and the SMA have space for the assembled hull.
  • Drag ship from hauler into accessible tab within the CHA.
  • Right click and select assemble
  • Drag ship from the CHA into the SMA

Wiki = Fact
Forum = Discussion

WHC Bookmarking Scheme

Bookmarks are the only way we can navigate Wormhole space, as such they need to be named so that we can understand them.
Be sure to click the link to find out what the naming scheme actually is, or if you just need to check something.

Personal Bookmarks

You are also recommended to make certain personal bookmarks

  • Bookmark the K-Space side of wormholes yourself
  • Make safe spots
  • Make tactical bookmarks
    • Double optimal from each POS defense grouping
    • On grid yet outside minimum warp distance (150km) of the POS
    • Just off grid from POS

Naming Systems

Tetris, Numbers are in accordance to when we discovered them
System numbers correspond to when we discovered them.
  • ANY W-Space connection off bacon is prefixed with "B".
  • ANY W-Space connection off eggs is prefixed "E".
  • ALL W-Space dynamics and their respective chains are prefixed with a new letter starting from the end of the alphabet (ie first chain is "Z" then "Y" etc.)
  • ALL K-Space connections are prefixed with the appropriate letter. All numbers remain unique. So "BH2" and "EH2" shouldn't exist together.

An example map

What Are Bacon, Eggs and Innuendo?

Bacon is Our C3 static coming off from our wormhole.
Eggs is our Highsec Static coming off from our wormhole.
Innuendo is our home system, the one with all our posses.

Find the number
  • For kspace systems
    • If this is Bacon's static then take 1
    • Otherwise find the first number that is unused for the type of space it is. If there are no other systems of that type of space, use 2.
  • For wspace systems
    • From Bacon or Eggs use 2
    • Otherwise use the earliest number which does not currently have a system with the same initial letter as the system
Put it all together

Your system is initial letter + kspace letter + number (ignore any parts that don't exist)

WHC Jabber

WHC uses the E-UNI Jabber server and it's own password-protected WHC channel. You may subscribe to pings from the mapper.

Living in Wormhole Space

You can Click the link above for additional information on living in wormholes.
Useful notations for site running - Wormhole Exploration Sites
Nato Alphabet - we use this to say the sigs that we need to warp to. It just makes it easier to understand if you have an accent for example.


Fuel donations can be dropped into the Logistics tab in the CHA. Other donations can be place into the Restricted tab. Larget donations can be made in K-Space after contacting camp leadership.


Loot Hauling & Selling

Camp leadership operates a loot hauling and selling service. You will be payed later but you won't have to haul loot through wartarget riddled K-Space. WHC takes a 5% cut for operational costs and distributes the rest based on income.

Gas Sheet
Ore Sheet
Sleeper Sheet

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