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Heavy Assault Cruisers (commonly called "HACs") are extremely versatile and powerful ships. They combine high speed and agility with either high DPS and decent tanks when fitted for close range, or decent DPS and buffer tanks at very long ranges, where only sniper battleships can fire back, when fitted for sniping.

Besides their obvious PvP applications, some HACs are also useful PvE ships because they combine substantial tanks and DPS with unusual mobility. This can be useful in, for example, running exploration sites in lowsec or nullsec, where pilots might need to make a quick getaway.



  • Isis amarr.pngZealot: Versatile. Does well at close or sniping ranges, buffer-tanked or active-tanked. The best sub-BS sniper in the game, much better DPS and tank in a close range fit than most other HACs, at the price of slightly lower speed and agility.
  • Isis amarr.pngSacrilege: Tanks like a beast, decent damage with Heavy Assault Missiles. Active tank.


  • Isis caldari.pngCerberus: Long range missile boat. High theoretical DPS compared to other sniper HACs, but missile travel time delays the damage. Other HACs can pretty much hit everything perfectly at their usual sniping ranges, where the Cerberus's missiles still get a damage penalty when hitting moving targets.
  • Isis caldari.pngEagle: Hybrid turret gunboat, sniping with railguns or unconventionally fit with blasters.


  • Isis gallente.pngIshtar: Great tank, high damage, quite a dangerous HAC. Drone dependent, but can carry multiple flights of heavies or sentries. Passive shield tanking potential and its drones make it popular for PvE too.
  • Isis gallente.pngDeimos: Capability for High DPS with very little tank which has earned this ship its nickname, the "Diemost." It's a very expensive ship that has to get very close to its target when close-range fitted. Given that it also usually has very little tank with High DPS(800+), it's an obvious primary, and can't survive for very long. It does alright in sniper gangs, although it's not the best option for them.


  • Isis minmatar.pngMuninn: Great sniper HAC with artillery. Performs like a better-tanked Rupture at close range. Awesome alpha.
  • Isis minmatar.pngVagabond: Nasty damage and good tackle, quick and agile, good in a gang. Will melt quickly if locked down. Stabber hulls, like the Vaga, are the fastest cruisers in the game, with the exception of some pirate faction ones.


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