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This article is about the CEO, Directors, and Managers of EVE University. For the general functionality of CEOs and Directors in player corporations, see Corporations.
EVE University logo This page is specific to EVE University. Other corporations or groups in the game may operate differently.
For a summary of EVE University's rules and code of conduct, see EVE University Rules.
EVE University is run as a dictatorship, with the CEO having overall control. There are seven main directorates which are each run by Directors, and each directorate is split into different departments which are run by Managers. Managers oversee the running of the departments, whilst Directors set policies and directions for Managers to follow.

Outside this management structure, EVE University also has a team of Student Advocates. Their role is to act as mediators to resolve any student disputes as well as to act as a point of contact for the student body and bring any concerns to the attention of management.

Chief Executive Officer


Laura karpinski.jpg Laura Karpinski - Send a forum PM

The CEO oversees the whole of EVE University, setting the general direction and making decisions which affect the whole corporation. She also directly oversees the Diplomacy Department.

Main article: Diplomacy Department

Director of Education

DunarDolorgiet.jpg Dunar Dolorgiet - Send a forum PM

The Director of Education oversees the training of members and new players. He decides on the overall strategies to maximise the educational side of EVE University.

Main article: Education Directorate

Events Manager

DamienMaken.jpeg Damien Maken - Send a forum PM

The Events Manager oversees the scheduling of events, manages the Events Coordinators, and supports students in developing and running their own events. It also incorporates the Cross Campus Initiative.

Main article: Events Department

Assistant Managers:

Croixant Psychotic Fickity

Fittings Manager

NoPortrait.jpeg Position Vacant

The Fittings Manager manages Fittings Staff and oversees the updating of EVE University recommended ship fittings.

Main article: Fittings Department

Assistant Managers: None

Fleet Command Community Manager

Penelore - Send a forum PM

The Fleet Command Community Manager deals with the administration of the Fleet Command Community and it's training material the Fleet Command Course.

Main article: Fleet Command Course

Assistant Managers: None

Teaching Manager

Adree Jericho - Send a forum PM

The Teaching Manager oversees the teachers and guest lecturers. He is also responsible for the teaching and training resources EVE University provides.

Main article: Teaching Department

Assistant Manager:

Xaviar Onassis Athena Firefly

Director of Finance

AzmoValar.jpg Azmodeus Valar - Send a forum PM

The Director of Finance oversees the finances for EVE University, which is run almost entirely on donations.

Main article: Finance Directorate

Director of Human Resources

Jilokari kurvora.jpg Jilokari Kurvora - Send a forum PM

The Director of Human Resources oversees the recruitment, orientation and progression of EVE University students. His job is to enable a smooth transition for new members joining EVE University, and as they progress through the corporation.

Main article: Human Resources Directorate

Mentor Manager

Troven.PNG Troven Smalvard Send a forum PM

The Mentor Manager administers the mentor program, pairing up new members with more experienced mentors to assist them.

Main article: Mentor Department

Assistant Managers:

Martin Vanzyl.jpg
Martin Vanzyl

Personnel Manager

JacobVelora.jpg Jacob Velora Send a forum PM

The Personnel Manager manages the Personnel Officers, who review applications and interview EVE University applicants, and sets policies affecting recruitment.

Main article: Personnel Department

Assistant Managers:

Dallidiem igraine.jpg
Marn Vermuldir.jpg
Dallidiem Igraine Marn Vermuldir

Titles Manager

AtomsktheElder.jpg Atomsk The Elder - Send a forum PM

The Titles Manager manages the Titles Officers, who review applications from members for progression titles, and sets policies affecting titles.

Main article: Titles Department

Assistant Managers:

Sebastian Teg.jpg
Sebastian Teg

Orientation Manager

Jameson Bolmara.jpg Jameson Bolmara Send a forum PM

The Orientation Manager manages the Orientation Officers, who provide a contact point for new EVE University members and follow up their early progress.

Main article: Orientation Department

Director of Logistics

Turhan Bey.jpg Turhan Bey - Send a forum PM

The Director of Logistics is responsible for coordinating logistical support for EVE University, including providing EVE University supply services to benefit and support members.

Main article: Logistics Directorate

Production Manager

Arieathellare.jpg Ariea Thellare - Send a forum PM

The Production Manager oversees the materials and processes for in-house and student manufacturing.

Main article: Production Department

Assistant Managers: None

Reimbursement Manager

DavidMatsuda.jpg David Matsuda - Send a forum PM

The Reimbursement Manager administers the Ship Replacement Program and The Implants Program.

Main article: Reimbursement Department

Assistant Manager:

Krevlorn Severasse.jpg
Krevlorn Severasse

Director of Special Projects - AMC, HSC, LSC

This role is shared, see also Director of Special Projects - Incursions, NSC, Solitude, WHC
Turlough Dominian.jpg Turlough Dominian - Send a forum PM

One Director of Special Projects oversees the Amarr Mining Campus, High Sec Campus and Low Sec Campus.

Main article: Special Projects Directorate

Amarr Mining Campus Manager

Netan Emerson.jpg Netan Emerson - Send a forum PM

The AMC Manager is responsible for the Amarr Mining Campus.

Main article: Amarr Mining Campus

Assistant Manager: None

High Sec Campus Manager

Christoph Patrouette - Send a forum PM

The High Sec Campus Manager is responsible for the High Sec Campus.

Main article: High Sec Campus

Assistant Managers: None

Low Sec Campus Manager

Glen Burney.jpg Glen Burney - Send a forum PM

The Low Sec Campus Manager is responsible for the Low Sec Campus.

Main article: Low Sec Campus

Assistant Manager:

Tiberius Auduin.jpg
Tiberius Auduin

Director of Special Projects - Incursions, NSC, Solitude, WHC

This role is shared, see also Director of Special Projects - AMC, HSC, LSC
TitusTallang.jpg Titus Tallang - Send a forum PM

One Director of Special Projects oversees the Incursion Community, Null Sec Campus, Solitude and Wormhole Campus.

Main article: Special Projects Directorate

Incursion Coordinator

NoPortrait.jpeg Position Vacant

The Incursion Coordinator is responsible for the EVE University Incursion Community.

Main article: EVE University Incursion Community

Assistant Managers: None

Null Sec Campus Manager

Adrien Claremont.jpg Adrien Claremont - Send a forum PM

The NSC Manager is responsible for the Null Sec Campus.

Main article: Null Sec Campus

Assistant Manager:

Eadrom Vintarus.jpg
Eadrom Vintarus

Solitude Campus Manager

ExorcistWraith.jpg Exorcist Wraith - Send a forum PM

The Solitude Campus Manager is responsible for the Solitude Campus.

Main article: Project Solitude

Assistant Manager:

Fergus Echerie.jpg
Fergus Echerie

Wormhole Campus Manager

Conci furiram.jpg Conci Furiram - Send a forum PM

The Wormhole Campus Manager is responsible for the Wormhole Campus.

Main article: Wormhole Campus

Assistant Managers: None

Director of Structures

Kaein Soturus.jpeg Kaein Soturus - Send a forum PM

The Director of Structures oversees the deployment and maintenance of EVE University structures, including citadels and player owned starbases.

Main article: Structures Directorate

Director of Web Services

Bateslarsson.jpg Bates Larsson - Send a forum PM

The Director of Web Services is responsible for the development and maintenance of software and tools used by EVE University.

Main article: Web Services Directorate

Communications Manager

Hideo Date.jpg Hideo Date - Send a forum PM

The Communications Manager manages our social media presence and blog, and deals with the external promotion of EVE University, as well as internal communications.

Main article: Communications Department

Assistant Managers: None

Wiki Manager

DjavinNovienta.jpg Djavin Novienta - Send a forum PM

The Wiki Manager manages the Wiki Team and oversees the updating and general maintenance of the UniWiki.

Main article: Wiki Department

Assistant Managers: None

EVE University Founder

Morning Maniac.jpeg Morning Maniac

I founded EVE University to create a place where new players could get together and be appreciated for who they were. Classes and doing things together were important but nothing was, and is, more important than the positive attitude towards new players.

In the first three years I clocked about 4000 hours logged-in in the service of the University. After some real life changes my available free time was greatly reduced but I could rely on a great team of directors and managers to run the Uni. In the last three years I was mainly concerned with extinguishing fires and the occasional directorship drama, but fortunately for me and everyone involved these issues have become less frequent and intense. The current leadership is stable and doing well, and they seem to share my vision of what the University should be and they work hard to shape it as such, with all the limitations of the game and the people in it.

More changes in my real life have resulted in even less EVE time and as a result I feel now removed from the game. Because of that I have decided that it is in the best interest of EVE University that I resign from my CEO position. I have asked Kelduum to succeed me and he has accepted the job.

What does this mean for the University and its members? Well, nothing. It means that now the formal power will be with the person who has already been in charge for a long time. I trust that Kelduum and the rest of the leadership will continue to run and build the University as they have done in the past. If they should decide to take another route then that's fine too.

As for me? I hope to stay a member of the University. If and when I have time I would like to log in and just join the chat with the new guys. The enthusiasm of new players is what I always enjoy most about EVE. Besides, there is always a lot to learn in EVE.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone for putting your trust in me. When I founded the Uni I had no idea where it would go. Where we are today is far beyond anything I could have imagined. I have learned so much, I have met amazing people and had a great time. All thanks to you, members past and present of EVE University.

Directors Emeriti

The following were previous EVE University Directors or very long-serving Managers who have stepped down from their positions but have been granted Director Emeritii status.

Name Previous position Comments
Irrilian TBC
Bruno Bonner TBC
Finraer TBC
Kassie Kelmar TBC
Dookagalla TBC
Kodell TBC
Morning Maniac EVE University Founder
Miraki Alsento Director of Communications
METADOG Director of Personnel
Dierdra Vaal Director of Education
Korr'Tanas Student Relations Manager Was never technically a director, but served 9 months as Student Relations Manager among near 3 years of other solid Uni contributions, thus earning him the same honor.
Kyrlin DiShai Director of Intelligence
Storiim Tsovoran Director of Intelligence
BladeHeart Student Relations Manager Never technically a director, but a long serving and valued member of staff who held several management positions.
Neville Smit Director of Education "Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in." (First time)
Silentbrick Fleet Admiral of the ILN
Ubercado Fleet Admiral of the ILN
Gibson Thunderbird Director of Special Projects Best of luck, Gibson - where ever you are. We miss you.
Darian Reymont Director of Human Resources Also spent time as Director of Personnel.
Kelduum Revaan CEO
Marius Labo Director of Human Resources Also spent time as Student Relations Manager.
Bairfhionn Isu Director of Education
Neville Smit Director of Education Second time
Frood Frooster Director of Special Projects
Irdalth Delrar Director of Public Relations Managed the EVE University tools and server. Previously also spent time as Director of Diplomacy.
Kivena Director of Communications Also spent time as Director of Education and Director of Public Relations (before that became Communications)
Bashir Managing Director Was previously Director of Diplomacy for many years
Rose Chanlin Director of Communications Was also previously the Personnel Manager and Director of Special Projects
Pehuen Director of Special Projects Was also previously the LSC Manager
Dune Barphsaq Director of Human Resources Was also previously Personnel Manager and Director of Personnel
Bora Vyvorant Director of Special Projects Was also previously NSC Manager
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