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The Human Resources Directorate is one of seven main divisions (or Directorates) within EVE University. See EVE University Management for details of the other Directorates.
EVE University logo This page is specific to EVE University. Other corporations or groups in the game may operate differently.
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The role of the Human Resources Directorate is to handle recruiting, titles administration, and mentor services to EVE University members.


Director of Human Resources

The Human Resources Directorate is overseen by the Director of HR and their appointed Managers.

DuneBarphsaq.jpg Dune Barphsaq - Send a forum PM

The Director of Human Resources oversees the recruitment, orientation and progression of EVE University students. His job is to enable a smooth transition for new members joining EVE University, and as they progress through the corporation.

Departments within Human Resources

Human Resources consists of four separate departments.

Personnel Department

Jilokari kurvora.jpg Jilokari Kurvora - Send a forum PM

The Personnel Manager manages the Personnel Officers, who review applications and interview EVE University applicants, and sets policies affecting recruitment.

Main article: Personnel Department

Assistant Managers:

Jameson Bolmara.jpg
Palja Kurman.jpg
Jameson Bolmara Palja Kurman

Managed by the Personnel Manager this is the department that looks after recruiting and orientation of new members. Questions regarding recruiting should be directed to them. This department is always looking to bring in new Personnel Officers, usually on a fairly regular basis and they invite you to apply. You'll be expected to put in some time learning the recruiting system and working a fair share of applications once trained.

Titles Department

Sebastian Teg.jpg Sebastian Teg - Send a forum PM

The Titles Manager manages the Titles Officers, who review applications from members for progression titles, and sets policies affecting titles.

Main article: Titles Department

Assistant Managers:

Tonk Omnom.jpg
Tonk Omnom

Managed by the Title Manager this is the department that looks after pre-Titles processing and checks, along with taking and reviewing applications. Information about titles can be found on the Titles wiki page and questions and answers can be found on the Titles Questions Go Here forum thread.

Mentor Department

Beren Mahanaxar.jpg Beren Mahanaxar - Send a forum PM

The Mentor Manager administers the mentor program, pairing up new members with more experienced mentors to assist them.

Main article: Mentor Department

Assistant Managers:

Martin Vanzyl.jpg
Yrael Oramara.jpg
Martin Vanzyl Yrael Oramara

Managed by the Mentor Manager this is the department that is responsible for assigning mentors to new members to give them some one-on-one guidance. They are also responsible for recruiting new mentors and providing them with administration support. They are almost always recruiting new mentors, so feel free to apply if you meet the requirements.

Orientation Department

Torr victros.jpg Torr Victros - Send a forum PM

The Orientation Manager manages the Orientation Officers, who provide a contact point for new EVE University members and follow up their early progress.

Main article: Orientation Department

Assistant Manager:

B'aldrick Aivoras.jpg
B'aldrick Aivoras

Managed by the Orientation Manager this dept is responsible for reaching out to new members to ensure they are settling in and provide them with relevant information. They also act as a contact point for a members' first few weeks in the corporation, to answer any questions and point them in the right direction.

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