The Score (Minmatar Republic) (Level 4)

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This article details the Level 4 Minmatar variant of this mission. For other variants, see The Score (disambiguation).

The Score
FactionMinmatar Republic
Best damage to dealExplosive damage ExKinetic damage Kin
Damage to resistExplosive damage ExKinetic damage Kin
EWARChief Republic frigates
Ship suggestionIshtar

Video: Machariel, Sniper Maelstrom


  • Pocket 1 kill all ships
  • Pocket 2 kill all ships
  • Pocket 3 kill only the Battleships

Pocket 1

Only 2 battleships, the rest are frigates and battlecruisers. The gate is 60km away.

Single Group (50km)

6 x Republic Tribal Ormur
1 x Republic Tribal Venis
2 x Republic Tribal Gleeda
2 x Republic Tribal Rodul
1 x Chief Republic Iflin
1 x Chief Republic Isak
2 x Chief Republic Kvarm
1 x Republic Faxi
6 x Republic Kvarm
1 x Republic Austri
1 x Republic Norn
1 x Republic Venis
1 x Republic Sigur
Frigate 1 x Frigate Unknown
Battlecruiser 1 x Battlecruiser Unkown
Battleship 2 x Battleship Unknown

Pocket 2

Gate and NPCs are 40km away from warp-in.

Single Group (40km)

5 x Republic Tribal Rodul
3 x Republic Tribal Ormur
2 x Republic Norn
1 x Republic Venis
2 x Republic Jotun
2 x Republic Jarl

Pocket 3

Single Group

1 x Republic Tribal Gleeda
4 x Republic Tribal Ormur
3 x Republic Kvarm
1 x Chief Republic Klaki
1 x Chief Republic Orsin
3 x Republic Jarl
1 x Republic Nutia
1 x Republic Tribal Venis
1 x Republic Jotun

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