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ObjectiveDestroy all enemy ships
FactionGallente Federation
Best damage to dealKinetic damage KinThermal damage Th
Damage to resistKinetic damage KinThermal damage Th
Warp disruptionElite Federation Libertus
EWARWeb, energy neutralizer, sensor dampener

Fighters will respawn indefinitely until the three Fighter Bay structures are destroyed. With each structure, one fighter pops. Fourth structure, the Power Generator (250k ehp), does not take damage until Fighter Bays are destroyed. When the Generator is destroyed, the Neut that's attached to it is also destroyed.

Mission is in deadspace, you will always be warping to the entry point(at range is allowed) and cannot warp to fleet members/bookmarks directly.


  • Take out structures, missile & web towers, leave neuts until last.
  • Either take one neut and one spawn at a time, or shoot at all neuts and warp your rr out while the tank gains aggro. Takes 30-50 seconds before majority of dps is in place if you stay at warp-in.


All enemies aggro on warp-in. Initial group will do around 800 dps with 42% Kinetic/58% Thermal.

Initial Hostiles (Spawn after ~20seconds 40-75km)

Fighter 3 x Fighter Federation Fighter
Sentry 3 x Sentry Gallente Stasis Tower Stasis Webifier
Sentry 4 x Sentry Gallente Energy Neutralizer Sentry II 20gj/s each each one triggers a Wave 1 variant Energy Neutralizer
Sentry 18 x Sentry Gallente Heavy Missile Battery
Sentry 12 x Sentry Gallente Cruiser Missile Battery


Structure 3 x Fighter Bay
Structure 1 x Power Generator

These spawns are approximations and there could be some variance. Can end up around 5,000 dps with 37% Kinetic/73% Thermal. The Elite Federation Libertus have web/scram, the Federation Praktor Dionia has energy neutralizer(20gj/s) and sensor damepener.

Wave 1 (Spawns for each Energy Neutralizer destroyed)

Elite Frigate 15 x Elite Frigate Elite Federation Libertus/Machina/Phalarica Libertus is the only variant with tackle Warp Disruptor Stasis Webifier
Elite Cruiser 15 x Elite Cruiser Elite Federation Mentes/Quadrieries
Battlecruiser 10 x Battlecruiser Federation Praktor Arx/Auxilia/Diablic
Battleship 17 x Battleship Federation Praktor Dionia/Phanix/Polemo/Praeses Dionia is only variant with EWAR Energy Neutralizer Remote Sensor Dampener

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