A Special Delivery

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Level1 Storyline
ObjectiveDeliver 5 x Small Sealed Cargo Containers (50 m3)
RewardsAn implant of +1 to one of your characteristics
ExtraStoryline Mission

Level4 Storyline
ObjectiveDeliver 40 x Colossal Sealed Cargo Containers (40000 m3)
Rewards766,000 ISK + 5,000,000 ISK time bonus
ExtraStoryline Mission

Mission briefing
I have a very special mission for you today, <Capsuleer Name>. A high-ranked Overseer of a secret <Faction Name> compound in <System> has requested items of ours that must be delivered to him A.S.A.P. This job must be done in complete secrecy; we do not want the contents of this delivery to fall into the wrong hands. As a precautionary measure, we have set up an explosive mechanism inside the cargo containers that will trigger should anyone attempt to tamper with them.

I trust you on this, <Capsuleer Name>. Be very discreet and, at any cost, avoid confrontation with hostiles en route to your destination. Make haste!

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