After The Seven - "Idiot"

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This mission is a part of a mission chain After The Seven

ObjectiveKill Phenod and get 1x Phenod's DNA (0.1 m3)
Mission briefing
One of those hostages you rescued turned out to be quite resourceful. While aboard the pirate's vessel, she hacked into its communication logs and discovered something interesting. One of The Seven's core members, a man named Phenod, has managed to strand himself in space on his way to pick up some victims that were kidnapped some time ago.

We have a golden opportunity here to not only strike a blow to The Seven, but recover some of our earlier losses as well. Head out to these coordinates at once and blast Phenod to pieces, but be sure to scrape some of his DNA off the front of your ship before returning. We'll use it to forge an identification transponder for your next mission.

Aggro instantly upon warp-in. Phenod's wreck contains Phenod's DNA.

Kill Phenod, grab the DNA and return to agent.

Phenod's Message
Back off, man! You're no match for my custom rig, even with how messed up it is. Either way, you'd better run before Mona - I mean Surenna - gets here. She'll blast you!


Destroyer 1 x Destroyer Phenod Phenod's DNA


  • 16 Pyroxeres and 45 Veldspar asteroids.