After The Seven - "Replacement"

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This mission is a part of a mission chain After The Seven

Best damage to dealKinetic damage KinThermal damage Th
Damage to resistKinetic damage KinThermal damage Th
Mission briefing
While I enjoy the tremendous service capsuleers provide agents like me, I can't begin to count how many times I've been let down over the years by those lacking the proper skills, judgment, diligence, or a rudimentary attention span. It seems that the last few I hired to provide an armed escort for a convoy of civilian transports has gone missing, probably lured away by a more lucrative job.

I need you to head to the PC9-AY system and meet up with the convoy at once. If they‘re in any kind of trouble when you arrive, please take care of it.

Single ungated pocket. When you warp in there are several frigates and few neutral transport ships present. Group 1 auto aggro on warp in. Group 2 warps out.

As you kill the hostile frigates the neutral transport ships are able to warp away. Mission is completed once all hostiles are destroyed.

Message from The Seven Team Leader
Hey gang, it looks like the second string escort has finally arrived. We're done with this transport, so we're going to get out of here. Take out this new trash quickly so you can empty the rest of the convoy and catch up.

Group 1, 10km
Frigate 7 x Frigate Seven Plebe
Group 2, 70km
Frigate 5 x Frigate Seven Plebe