Alluring Emanations (Level 1)

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This article details the Level 1 variant of this mission. For other level variants, see Alluring Emanations (disambiguation).
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Alluring Emanations is a mission involving combat against Rogue Drones. There are multiple level variants.

FactionRogue Drones
Best damage to dealElectromagnetic damage EMThermal damage Th
Damage to resistVaries
Ship size limitNone


Mission briefing
Yes, I certainly do have something for you. Recently, some explorers employed by Nugoeihuvi Corporation discovered an extremely strong gravimetric signature. Their scanners indicated the hidden belt was full of rare ore. Now, while this news would normally be cause for joy, I'm suspicious.

I'd like you to fly over to the belt and check it out. If it really is full of ore-- wonderful. If not, get back to me with the news as quickly as possible.

After killing the first Rogue Drone, a huge number of reinforcements show up. Best to warp out immediately after rather than try to fight.

Group 1 (50km, no auto aggro)
Drone 1 x Drone Rogue Drone Triggers reinforcements when destroyed
Reinforcements (20km, auto aggro)
Drone 43 x Drone Rogue Drone

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