Alluring Emanations (Level 3)

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This article details the Level 3 variant of this mission. For other level variants, see Alluring Emanations (disambiguation).
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Alluring Emanations is a mission involving combat against Rogue Drones. There are multiple level variants.

FactionRogue Drones
Best damage to dealElectromagnetic damage EMThermal damage Th
Damage to resistThermal damage ThElectromagnetic damage EM
Ship suggestionCruiser/Battlecruiser


Upon warp-in, there will be one rogue drone at approximately 50km that does not aggro. Destroying this drone completes the mission and spawns an ambush of 43 additional rogue drones in 5 groups, 60-120 km away.

The ambush group does not need to be destroyed, and because drones do not drop loot, it may be more time-efficient to blitz the mission by simply destroying the initial single drone and warping away.

Pilots who wish to engage the ambush groups should ensure that they remain outside of the ambush groups' optimal range, as getting too close can result in massive amounts of damage due to the number of hostiles.

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