Destroy the Caldari Outpost

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name=Destroy the Caldari Outpost, Level 5

|Level= |Type=Encounter |Objective= |Faction=Caldari |Faction1=Caldari |DamageToDeal=Kin/Therm |DamageToResist=Kin/Therm |WebPoint=Taibu State Nagasa/Shinai |EWAR= |ShipSizeLimit= |ShipSuggestion= |Rewards= |Extra=Jammers/Neut Towers/Stasis Towers }}

Space type: Gated Deadspace
Recommended generic setup: passive tank

Pocket 1

Initial Spawn:
[3-9]x Battleships ([unknown]**) **Triggers Spawn group 1 [4-8]x Cruisers [1-6]x Frigates ([unknown]^^, [unknown]**) ^^Jamming, Warp Scram** [4-6]x Cruise towers [2-4]x Neut towers NOS [2-4]x stasis towers Web First Spawn:
[6-8]x Cruisers (unknown) [4-8]x Frigates

Pocket 2

Initial Spawn:
9x Battleships (State Shukuro Shogun/Taisho/Tenno)
10x Cruise Missile Battery
4x Stasis Tower (**Each triggers one additional Neut tower**)
First Spawn:
(I'm not sure what the trigger was; either the stasis or the cruise batteries; probably the stasis towers) 4x Neut Tower (Caldari Energy Neutralizer Sentry III)
Seccond Spawn:
Occurs when outpost at ~15% shields 6x Frigates (Taibu State Nagasa/Shinai)
5x Cruisers (Taibu State Samurai/Kanpaku/Bajo)
10x Battleships (State Shukuro Shogun/Bishamon)
4x Neut Tower (Caldari Energy Neutralizer Sentry III)

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