Driving a Wedge

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Driving A Wedge, Level 3

|Level=3 |Type=Encounter |Objective= |Faction=Gallente Federation/Minmatar Republic |Faction1=Blood Raiders |Faction2=Minmatar |Faction3=Gallente |DamageToDeal=Part 1 - Therm; Part 2 - Exp |DamageToResist=Kin/Therm/Exp |WebPoint=None |EWAR= |ShipSizeLimit= |ShipSuggestion=Nighthawk, Drake |Rewards= |Extra=Target Painters }}

Space type: Deadspace
Can drop very good loot. Federation Tags-High Captain & Admiral

Get the Gallente (1 of 2)

Spawns appear as you warp in. Pocket 1:
Group 1 - Gallente Federation (Aggro) Distance: 50km
4-6x Frigates/Destroyers
4-6x Cruisers
3x Battlecruisers
Group 2 - Minmatar Republic (Aggro) Distance: 50km
4-6x Frigates/Destroyers
4-6x Cruisers
3x Battlecruisers
Group 3 - Gallente Federation/Minmatar Republic Distance: 55km
1x Iteron Mark V (Needed to be killed or you will fail the mission)
1x Mammoth (__Do not attack__ Minmatar Diplomat)
!Note: Careful sometimes the mission is kill the Minmatar and do not kill the Gallente !!
Blitz: Kill Gallente Diplomat.
Not really hard-shielded, but combined damage from two groups could likely kill you in process, so - bring some certain amount of firepower or be able to outrun initial aggro. Single-repped Myrm with ~50 resists all-around was held just long enough for a kill score, warped off with 5% armor left.

Delegation Destruction (2 of 2)

Spawns appear as you warp in. Pocket 1:
Group 1 - Minmatar Republic (Aggro) Distance: 50km
3x Frigates (target painting)
6x Destroyers
3x Cruisers
1x Battleship (Flagship)

Kill the Flagship first, because it may warp off, but not 100% sure of this. It's very, VERY hard to crack, unless you're in battleship yourself, and incoming damage from whole spawn is very high also. If you can't tank 500+ DPS EX/TM, I suggest you forget about blitz. Take destroyers down fast. They are (relatively) slow and short-ranged, not particularly hard to outrun, so you have plently of time for your drones to chew through them one by one. Use light drones, however... It didn't warped off for me, so I vent on with Dualrep+AB Myrmidon, cleared adds, then refitted for usual 1rep+2Gyro and took a liberty of stocking heavy drones in the bay. Still, it was slow kill.

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