Fair Play - More Bark

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This mission is a part of a mission chain Fair Play

ObjectiveKill pirate
FactionRogue Pirates
Best damage to dealKinetic damage KinThermal damage Th
Damage to resistKinetic damage KinThermal damage Th
Mission briefing
Because he's complaining about pirates that match the description you provided me.

We routinely make mining operations (or ops) to make some easy ISK. In hi-sec areas it's fairly reliable, with the only real risk being rats from the bigger pirate factions. Most capsuleer pirates immediately get the boot by CONCORD. This one pirate seems to be affiliated with neither, and is being an enormous pain for one of our miners.

We can't let this kind of behavior continue. Take that pirate out.

A Life of Crime
Pirating is a common, if illegal, career path for capsuleers. Some turn to piracy for money, some for glory. Other do it just to be jerks. Fellow capsuleers have the least tolerance for the latter group, though CONCORD is eager to swat any of them.

Single pocket, no gate.


  • When you warp in there is a Mercenary Fighter and a neutral industrial ship.
  • As you approach them (within around 20km) the pirate destroys the industrial ship and starts to aggress you.
  • Destroy the pirate to complete the mission.
Local Broadcast
Ha ha! Stupid miner. Why don't you learn to fly a real ship?


Frigate 1 x Frigate Mercenary Fighter


  • Mission contains considerable amount (~150) of very sizeable asteroids:
  • 75x Veldspar, average 45k units each
  • 35x Rich Plagioclase, av. 25k units each
  • 40x Pyroxeres, av. 40k units each

Agent's comments on completion of mission:
"Drat. Ah well. Miners are an ISK a dozen. At least you took the pirate out."