Fair Play - Turnabout

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This mission is a part of a mission chain Fair Play

ObjectiveKill pirate
FactionRogue Pirates
Best damage to dealExplosive damage Ex
Damage to resistThermal damage Th
Mission briefing
It's time for you to get your knuckles bruised.

Our fleet is doing well, but there are more frigates than we were anticipating. I realize you probably haven't been in a larger ship yet, but it's actually hard for big ships to target frigates. The difference in size is too great. We want you to provide anti-frigate support.

It's safer than you think. Most of the fighting will be far off. We just need you to eliminate a few of the pirates' frigates. The rest of the fleet will take care of itself.


Targeting Resolution
Ships are generally designed to counter ships near their own size. The larger a ship is, the more trouble it has targeting smaller prey. Often frigate pilots exploit this, ganging up in groups called "wolf packs" to take down larger ships. The long targeting time and slower tracking of the larger ships makes taking down these wolf packs difficult. Often the best counter to wolf packs are other frigates, resulting in battles-within-battles.


  • When you warp in a battle is taking place between Mercenary Pirates and CONCORD
  • Most of the ships are over 50km away, but three frigates are conveniently close to you (around 20km)
  • You only need to destroy three frigates, CONCORD take care of the rest


  • I'm not sure if you can shoot the DED ships. They are about 60km away when you warp in. The DED ships warp out as soon as all the pirates are dead. Provided that you have a range of 50-70km, you can take them out. They do not agro, however, and you can only shoot at them until the pirates are dead.
  • All Mercenary ships will be destroyed, only a few of the DED ships ones will be.
  • This is one of the few level 1 missions worth looting, as the loot is worth more than the mission reward.

Ships for you to fight

Frigate 3 x Frigate Mercenary Pirate

Agent's comments on completion of mission:
"I knew I could count on you. With your help, the pirate fleet crumbled. Even if there were any capsuleers that could come back from that, I doubt any of them will be so cavalier with pirating again."