Furrier Fiasco

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ObjectiveDestroy Laboratory
Best damage to dealKinetic damage KinThermal damage Th
Damage to resistKinetic damage KinThermal damage Th
Ship suggestionFrigate
Mission briefing
It seems that some rogue scientists just could not leave Creation well enough alone. One man in particular, one "Vilus Seermal," has apparently been performing genetic experiments on the fuzzy little critters, in a hidden laboratory not far from here. While this is not illegal, the ethics of his experiments are certainly in question. He has, for whatever reason, apparently turned the things into cute, cuddly killing machines.

Well, we just received an emergency transmission from the laboratory. Listen.

"We need help immediately! The coordinates are attached within the carrier wave of this frequency. You must help us. They have us trapped in the communications room, and they're chewing through the door as I speak! Hurry! (grinding sounds) No! They're coming through! They've gnawed through! Oh, no! NOOOO... (crashing, squealing sounds, human screams)..."

You get the idea, I think. But there's the most disturbing part. After all the screaming and crashing stops, this comes at the end of the message.

"(Hissing static, distant slurping, and then a small, impish voice) Fooood! Good. Food good! Bring more foooood!"

I shudder to think of it. I'm sure all those scientists are dead, but we can't allow those mutated furriers to mix with the general furrier population. Yet there are environmentalists out there who would protect those little beasts.

Get out there and destroy that laboratory before someone does something incredibly rash.


Furriers are small animals commonly found as pets among the Amarrian higher class. They resemble rabbits in size and temperament, although they can turn vicious from time to time; many royals, the Tash-Murkons in particular, find this trait quite endearing. The creatures are largely mammalian, although they do exhibit some reptilian qualities: They lay eggs rather than giving live birth, and they have distinctly bird-like, scaly facial features.

Two pockets with a gate.


  • When you warp in there are no pirates but a whole lot of debris and an acceleration gate.
  • Attempting to activate the acceleration gate prompts a message to say that it is locked and you must destroy all nearby enemies. The first wave of Environmental Terrorists (Serpentis rats) then spawn.
  • Killing all the Environmental Terrorists unlocks the acceleration gate so you can then pass through.
  • On arrival in the second pocket, there are no enemies but three large asteroids, one of which is a hollow asteroid containing the Infested Laboratory which you need to destroy.
  • Attacking the Infested Laboratory spawns the first wave of Environmental Terrorists.
  • Kill all the Environmental Terrorists and destroy the Infested Laboratory to complete the mission.


  • Kill the Environmental Terrorists in the first pocket to unlock the gate.
  • Destroy the Infested Laboratory in the second pocket and warp away.


  • The Infested Laboratory is inside the Hollow Asteroid. Kill all of the Environmental Terrorists before attempting to navigate to retrieve the drop, because you do not want to be fighting them while bouncing around inside the asteroid.

First pocket
First wave (15km, auto aggro)
Frigate 3 x Frigate Environmental Terrorist
Second wave (15km, auto aggro)
Frigate 2 x Frigate Environmental Terrorist

Second pocket
First wave (10-15km, auto aggro)
Frigate 5 x Frigate Environmental Terrorist
Second wave (5-10km, auto aggro)
Frigate 5 x Frigate Environmental Terrorist

Mineable Asteroids:

  • None.


  • The Infested Laboratory drops some Trade Goods and Scrap Metal

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