Intercept The Saboteurs (Amarr) (Level 3)

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Intercept The Saboteurs, level 3
Best damage to dealElectromagnetic damage EMThermal damage Th
Damage to resistEM, Thermal
Warp disruptionDivine Imperials
Ship suggestionDrake, Hurricane, Brutix, Myrmidon

Extra Features: There was one or two ships that used NOS (Imperial Tamir)
Recommended damage: Thermal, EM

Initial Gate

10-25km 6x Frigates (Imperial Felix/Paladin)

Single Pocket

5 groups Group 1:
40-50km 5x Cruisers (Imperial Agatho/Donus/Mathura/Muzakir) Tracking Disrupt
Note: Attacking group 1, group 2 aggros.
Group 2:
60-70km 2x Frigates (Divine Imperial Felix/Imran/Nabih/Sixtus) (web/scram)
Group 3:
85-107km 8x Frigates (Imperial Felix/Forian/Matendi/Paladin)
5x Crusiers(Imperial Agatho/Donus/Mathura/Muzakir) Tracking Disrupt
Note: Attacking group 3, group 4 aggros.
Group 4:
100-117km 3x Frigates (Imperial Felix/Imran/Nabih/Paladin)
2x Frigates (Devine Imperial Felix/Imran)
2x Destroyers (Imperial Crusader/Templar Caius)
2x Cruisers (Imperial Muzakir/Tamir/Templar Muzakir) (Tamir nos's)
3x Transports (Amarr Transport Ships)
Note: Attacking group 4, groups 3 & 5 aggro.
Group 5:
100-117km 3x Frigates (Imperial Felix/Paladin)
2x Destroyers (Imperial Caius/Exarp)
2x Cruisers (Imperial Agatho/Donus)
Note: Attacking group 5, group 4 aggros.
The mission objective drops from the last ship destroyed in group 4. Blitz:
- Kill group 4, loot the can which is dropped from the last ship in group 4
- Make sure you can tank group 3, 4 and 5 at the same time
The loot is also pretty poor, and most of it ended up being Amarr Tags. Asteroids:
Veldspar - 51 asteroids Standing hits:
Killing one of the transporters incurs a 2.4% standing penalty

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