Intercept The Saboteurs (Amarr) (Level 4)

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Intercept The Saboteurs, level 4
Best damage to dealElectromagnetic damage EMThermal damage Th
Damage to resistEM, Thermal
Warp disruptionDivine Imperials
Ship suggestionCNR

Space type: Deadspace with gates
Recommended damage: Thermal, EM
Video: [Paladin]

At the gate

5x Frigates (aggro)
2 Imperial Templar Forian (tracking disruption) 1 Imperial Templar Paladin 1 Imperial Templar Caius 1 Imperial Crusader

Single Pocket

Looks like 3 groups. Shooting the leftmost or rightmost group aggroes that and the group in the middle. Slow ships, no inital aggro makes this snipable. 3x battleships total.

Warp disruption3x Divine Imperial Sixtus, 2x Divine Imperial Imrans

Group 1 (right) 1 Imperial Tamir (NOS) 1 Imperial Templar Muzakir 2 Imperial Templar Caius 2 Imperial Templar Avenger 1 Imperial Bataivah (BS) Group 2 (left) 2 Imperial Tamir 1 Imperial Crusader 1 Imperial Templar Caius 1 Imperial Templar Muzakir 1 Imperial Templar Avenger 1 Imperial Origen (BS) Group 3 (middle) 4 Imperial Templar Forian (tracking disruption) 3 Imperial Templar Mathura 5 Imperial Templar Paladin 2 Divine Imperial Sixtus 5 Divine Imperial Imran 3 Amarr Transport Ship 1 Imperial Ultara (BS) Mission objective drops from the last destroyed ship. Not all three groups have to be destroyed for this. Docked ships drop nothing. Standing hits:
Killing one of the transporters incurs a 2.4% standing penalty

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