Letters from Dalamaid

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Mission briefing
As you may have heard, the letters of Bishop Dalamaid are currently on tour through the Empire. Not only are they of doctrinal significance, but sections dealing with the various scandals of the flesh among the clergy of Dalamaid's time have always been popular. It's a little embarrassing to admit, but these tawdry details are usually the bigger draw, a fact that the Empire has rarely been too ashamed to take advantage of. This tour was one such attempt to use the controversial nature of the letters to get more citizens interested in the Scriptures.

However, the plan has misfired. Minmatar terrorists recently broke into the station where the letters were being kept and have stolen them. There's a media lockdown on the whole thing, for attention is the only thing the Minmatar could reasonably expect to gain from such a heist. Still, the letters are of extreme importance to the Empire, even if they aren't grounds to mobilize a large force. That's where you come in: I want you to recover the letters for us.

The terrorists were recently spotted in Martha. They're likely using a series of acceleration gates to disguise the true location of their base, a not uncommon tactic. You will have to approach and activate each acceleration gate you find to progress further to the terrorists' base. Follow the terrorists, destroy any resistance, and return the letters to me.

In the local chat after warp-in to the first gate:
Minmatar Thief: Ooh, the big, bad Amarr are sending pilots after me. Heavens, what ever will I do?

Pocket 1

In the local chat after warp-in through the gate:
Minmatar Thief: Oops, I forgot to warn you about my little friends here.

Drone 6 x Drone Minmatar Guard

Pocket 2

In the local chat after warp-in through the gate:
Minmatar Thief: Enough of this. Die.

Drone 4-9 x Drone Minmatar Guard

Pocket 3

In the local chat after warp-in through the gate:
Minmatar Thief: You had your chance to give up. Now I have to kill you myself.

Cruiser 1 x Cruiser Minmatar Thief


Letters of Bishop Dalamaid:
The letters of Bishop Dalamaid have been the subject of volumes of intellectual discourse. The primary contention of the letters, that true saintly martyrdom is an impossibility for anyone even aware of the concept of sainthood, has gone through various levels of favor over the generations.

Letters XIII through XV include a few juicy morsels about a prostitution ring that was run illegally from a monastery of one of the more prestigious orders in Dalamaid's time.

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