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name=Missing Persons Report, Level 4

Faction: Caldari Navy
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Normal
Damage dealt: Kinetic/Therm
Web/scramble: NA
Extras: NA
Recommended damage dealing: Kinetic, Thermal
Recommended ships: Raven, Dominix, Drake, Typhoon.

Pocket 1

No spawn on entry, can warp at range. Spawn is triggered by approaching the Acceleration Gate (13km) or the Damaged Gallente Passenger Liner (22km)

3x Battleships
4x Frigates

Pocket 2

Auto aggro at warp-in by Groups 1 and 2. The Damaged Gallente Passenger Liner is 34km from the warp in beacon but does NOT contain the mission objective. You must destroy all ships in this pocket and loot a Cargo Container that is dropped when the last ship is destroyed.

Group 1: (40km):

4x Battleships
3x Battlecruisers

Group 2: (48km):

3x Battleships
3x Frigates

On killing last battleship of Groups 1 and 2. Spawn: (48km):

3x Battleships
3x Battlecruisers
a Aggro after firing at Group 3 (or hitting them with a Target Painter) Spawn: (45km):

4x Battleships
4x Battlecruisers

Approaching within 15km of the Damaged Gallente Passenger Liner or killing the last ship in Group 4. Spawn: (45km):

4x Battleships
3x Battlecruisers

Killing the last ship in Group 5 drops a Cargo Container at the Damaged Gallente Passenger Liner. This contains 1 x Survivor which is the mission objective.


Triggering Groups 3 and 4 of Pocket 2 may cause an uncomfortable amount of DPS heading your way. If you had difficulty tanking the first 2 groups of that pocket you might want to call a friend.

Tags: Caldari Navy Admiral Insignia I x36, Caldari Navy Captain Insignia II x4, Caldari Navy Commodore Insignia I x12, Caldari Navy Commodore Insignia II x16, Caldari Navy Midshipman Insignia III x4 (Total value: 83,700,000 ISK).

Loot and Salvage: 11,000,000 ISK.

__Standing loss:__
0.02% with Caldari State if you remain in the site. Warp out and return will incur another 0.02%. Fleet members also incur penalty.

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