The Damsel in Distress (Level 4)

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ObjectiveRescue the Damsel
Best damage to dealKinetic damage KinThermal damage Th
Damage to resistKinetic damage KinThermal damage Th
ExtraDestruction of the garden results in an 3000 Explosive damage Explosive damage in a 30-40 Km radius. This kills drones.

Video: [Sentry Dominix]

Mission briefing
It has come to my attention that one of our employee's daughters has gone missing. She was last spotted in a disreputable nightclub in Weraroix, and we're afraid she's been forced into slave labor, or even prostitution. We request that you find her immediately and bring her safe and sound back to her family. I will give you the coordinates of this nightclub, I believe it is inside a pleasure complex, and I expect you to take care of the rest. Good luck.

Single ungated pocket. You can warp in at preferred distance.

Reinforcements arrive when you attack Kruul and when the pleasure garden takes armor and hull damage.

Important note: The Damsel may appear in the cargo hold of the ship that got the last hit of the Pleasure Garden. This should be noted if you are running this mission in fleets. (There are conflicting information as to how the Damsel spawns. Some says it spawns in a container that you have to loot or it spawns in a cargo hold. This should be tested)

Notable loot: Kruul drops just some DNA. Zor drops Zbikoki's Hacker Card that allows you to skip the first room in Worlds Collide missions. Zor also drops an implant that is usually cheap but can be valuable if you are lucky. The gardens drop commodities such as tourists and tobacco.

Blitz: Destroy Kruul's Pleasure Garden (the one further away from warpin), loot the container that spawned or the Damsel will appear in your cargo hold(It is still not properly recorded of which is the case, please note). After that, return to agent. The incoming DPS is very high if all waves are triggered.

Initial defenders

Frigate 2 x Frigate Kruul's Henchman
Cruiser 4 x Cruiser Pleasure Hub Guardian
Battleship 3 x Battleship Pleasure Hub Sentinel
Cruiser 1 x Cruiser Kruul Triggers reinforcements when attacked.

Kruul's reinforcements

Battleship 6 x Battleship Pleasure Hub Sentinel

Kruul's Pleasure Gardens reinforcements (75% armor left)

Drone 2 x Drone Spider Drone I Stasis Webifier
Cruiser 4 x Cruiser Pleasure Hub Guardian
Battleship 4 x Battleship Pleasure Hub Sentinel

Kruul's Pleasure Gardens reinforcements (40% hull left)

Frigate 5 x Frigate Seven Death Dealer
Cruiser 3 x Cruiser Seven Assassin
Battleship 1 x Battleship Zor Drops Zor's Custom Navigation Link

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